The Rally in the Gorge–Day 2

Gotta like sleeping right next to the railroad tracks…actually, it wasn’t too bad, but I still woke up at around 5a or so.  Sat in bed and read a book for a bit and finally got up and made some quality instant oatmeal for breakfast.

First event to attend today was a trail side tire repair clinic that the Happy Trail guys put on.  Learned some tricks to make changing tires a bit easier, like how to get the back tire off without having to adjust the chain and pushing the brake calipers apart as soon as you take the tire off (makes getting the tire back on easier).

After the clinic, we killed some time and then decided to go on one of the self-guided rides.  The ride we picked out was a loop to Sunset Falls.  The length was 83 (50ish of it was offroad) miles and the skill level was rated as easy.  Joining us on the ride was another KLR rider (Kurt). 


As we got on the gravel, we needed to air down our tires – we had them set to 32 PSI for the ride down on pavement.  Bringing the pressure down to 22 PSI gives quite a bit more traction offroad.



this is the first viewpoint we stopped at…we think Mt St Helens is hidden by all those clouds.  Of course nothing surpasses the beauty of 3 KLRs in one picture (well maybe 4 KLRs).


The next spot we stopped at had views of Mt Adams, Mt Hood, and another Oregon mountain (not sure the next one south).  This is Mt Hood.


Mt Adams was in the clouds.


Sunset falls was the name of the ride and here they are. Several people were diving from the top of the falls into the water.  As we returned to the parking lot, there was a ranger waiting for us to make sure we paid the parking fee…Fortunately I had my NW Forest Pass with me.  The ranger was an “old-timer” and wanted to hang out and talk…He was an interesting fellow, we did finally manage to extract ourselves from the conversation.


Even though the ride was easy, it was still fairly long and tiring, and not everyone made it back into their tents before they crashed.

After dinner, attended another seminar on being the “boss of your bike”.  It went into detail on better cornering, braking, etc.  Basically make your bike do what you want it to do.

Now it is time for bed!



    1. I think I may have had a brief discussion with you about the grated bridges before the fun run on Friday – I was a bit freaked out about going over them with my knobby tires.

      I checked out the photos and your blog. In retrospect, I agree with the outsider feeling (I am not a member either) that you mention. Hopefully I didn’t contribute to that feeling. This is the first rally that I’ve attended, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had a lot of fun with the rides, and I’ll probably attend again just to do more of them.

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