Disneyland RV trip – Day #2

We spent the night at the Baldock rest area just south of Portland.  About a month ago, I scouted it out with my Dad on our way to pick up his new Terra 650 motorcycle. This particular spot is cool because there is an overflow parking area that moves you far away from the freeway, so you don’t get as much road noise. We scored an “end” spot (well, it may not have been an actual spot) and had another RV parked next to us blocking the noise should any trucks pull in during the night.

Had a good night sleep going until 5am, when the sound of child puking in the bathroom woke me up. Shortly thereafter, Taylor came into our bed and informed us that she was sick. It could have been worse though – I could have been Kim, who walked into the bathroom half asleep, in bare feet, to find out that Taylor doesn’t have very good aim with her projectile vomiting. Yuck!

We managed to lay in bed for a bit longer, but I don’t think we really slept anymore. The RV was not stocked with any meds to help Taylor settle her stomach, so we headed down the road a bit to Walmart. Along the way there was one more incident, fortunately she was much better with a bucket than the toilet. After we got some pepto in her tummy, she was fine and didn’t have any issues the rest of the day. None of the rest of us are showing any signs of having caught it, so hopefully it was just something that she had eaten.

For lunch, we stopped at a rest area near Grant’s Pass and stretched our legs out a bit. It had been raining most of the trip up to this point, so there hadn’t been a lot of outside time. The only good pictures I got were of the RV and Molly.


After lunch it was time to go through the Siskiyous – the weather wasn’t bad, just spotty rain showers. The further south we went, the fewer showers we ran into, but we still haven’t found a ton of sun. Hopefully tomorrow!

Our goal for the day was to make it all the way to Stockton. Given our Walmart detour and an extended lunch, it just wasn’t going to happen. Kim started searching through Woodall’s and found an RV park on the river in Sacramento (current home of the future Seattle Supersonics?) – Sherwood Harbor and RV park…it is a bit off the beaten path. I’m not sure how much there is to do here if you don’t have a boat. That being said, it was getting dark as we pulled in.

Tomorrow we should make it the rest of the way to Orangeland RV park near Disneyland. Hopefully we’ll make good enough time tomorrow to hang out at the pool once we get there!