Rocky Mountain/West Coast – 2007

Day 28: the big drive

Miles today: 646
Miles total: 3340

Today we drove and drove and drove. The only exciting thing that happend today was a bonehead mistake i made – started to get on I5 south after a rest break (about 10 hrs into the day). Thought I could make a quick u-turn, but i didn’t make it – and ended up blocking the offramp and the entrance to a state park. Did the fastest disconnect of the jeep so I could back up. Fortunately, nobody was inconvenienced by my slight miscalculation.

We are at a rest area just S of portland. Should be home fairly early tomorrow.

Day 27: a haunted lunch

Melissa spent the night with ellison’s last night. The rest of us came home and then slept in. Taylor made friends with one of the other kids at the rv park here. They played together while we waited for melissa to be delivered back to us. Harper and bailey had school today, so we were on our own till dinner time. We decided to head over to the beach for lunch. Ate lunch at the moss bay distillery which is supposed to be haunted. Melissa kept looking for the ghost in the blue dress, but we never saw her.

On the way back to the motorhome, we had to stop at a tennis store that kim had spotted earlier. She bought a couple of outfits while i just smiled and said yes, dear.

Went over to ellison’s for dinner again. Had some excellent steak and ribs, while the kids went swimming.

Big day tomorrow – going try to get to at least Eugene before calling it a night. We’ll see how traffic is when we leave tomorrow morning.

Day 26: escape from LA

Miles today: 387.1
Miles total: 2694

Got up early (6a) and headed out of town. Traffic was great for about the first 1/2 hr and then slowed as we approached LA. Once we cleared traffic (after about an hour) we had smooth sailing – until we topped off w/gas. When we started up again the fan for the AC stopped working. Fired up the generator and ran the big AC. When we got to the spot for the night, i checked the fuse and circuit breaker – both look ok. There is a high amp fuse in the engine compartment that i can check. If i can’t get it figured out, we’ll be adding quite a few hours to the generator on the way back.

Saw cows today.

Day 26: Disneyland/California adventure

More theme park action today – loads of fun. Started out late today – lunch at the blue bayou. Did a couple of disneyland rides and then went to California adventure. There wasn’t much of a line for the Tower of Terror – since Kim likes heights so much, we went on the ride twice. Went on another smaller roller-coaster, and then kim an Melissa went on the great big roller coaster. Taylor wasn’t tall enough, so i hung out w/her.

Leaving the park, we got squeezed onto I5 going the wrong way. Went on a small adventure to get back to the mh.

Got things ready to take off early tomorrow – dumped the tanks, got the bikes hooked up. Going to head to SF tomorrow to visit some friends.

Day 25: Disneyland

"There’s no one in the world except for me!!!" – that should be the new theme song for Disneyland, as that is the attitude of 90% of the people there.  If you can’t tell, I’m sick of theme parks at this point :).  Was a bit tired to write things up last night, so I’m doing it today.  At some point, we are heading to California Adventure, for more theme park fun.
Got to Disney a little after it opened, went on the Buzz Lightyear ride (of course, I got the highest score 🙂 ).  Got a fastpass for Space Mountain and then went on Pirates.  Tried to get into the Blue Bayou, but they were booked up for the day.  Have lunch reservations today, so we’ll have to jump over to D-Land for lunch.
The highlight of the day was probably when Taylor got picked for Jedi training at one of the shows.  Took a video of her battling Darth Vader w/my new point and shoot camera.  I’ll see if I can figure out a way to get the video posted.
Yet another RV park scam – the city of Anaheim requires the dump hose to be air tight, of course, my adapter that fits in 10,000 different kinds of dump openings doesn’t fit in the ones here, so I had to buy yet another adapter at the RV park (first time this trip, on our last big trip we hit this issue way more).  I’ll be spending part of today putting the adapter on the hose so we can dump.
Start to head north tomorrow.  Probably will take 3-4 days getting back, depending on how hard we want to hit the driving.
Also, going to post some pictures, be sure to check out the picture of Taylor petting the cow yesterday.

Day 24: Universal Studios

Well, all the snooty passes were sold out before we got there. You can make advance reservations for them, so they were sold out before they opened. Turns out we really only needed it for one of the rides.

The Back to the Future ride is going to be permanently shut down in a couple of weeks. They didn’t say what they were going to replace it with.

Had dinner at the Bubba Gump shrimp company. Everyone had shrimp, except taylor who had chicken nuggets.

And we saw lots of cows today.

Day 23: another lazy day

Needed to hang out at the rig this morning because we might have had to move spots. Turns out they worked things out so we can keep the same spot until wednesday (when we start powering home).

Taylor and i went swimming for a couple of hours after lunch while kim and melissa went clothes shopping for school. That is one nice thing about the new motorhome – plenty of space.

We rented a movie (night at the museum) from the park office and watched it after dinner.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Universal Studios. We want to get there first thing in the morning – they have a limited number of "move to the front of the line" passes, and we are hoping to get some.

Unfortunately, no cows today.

Day 22: heading north

Miles today: 120
Miles total: 2427

Moved from San Diego to Orange today with a quick detour to camping world for an oil change. We must be accident attractors this trip – there was a very nasty motorcycle accident right in front of camping world. Drove around and did back to school shopping while waiting for the motorhome. Took the scenic route up to orange -the gps routed us around bad traffic.

Checked into the RV park and went to a movie (stardust).

Saw a cow today in the peyton manning/reggie bush commercial.

Day 21: the zoo

Went to the San Diego Zoo today. Got there a bit late, so we grabbed some lunch. Followed this up with the petting zoo – it was all goats, kinda lame. Saw a bunch of snakes in the reptile house and then watched the sea lion show. Finished up with a bus tour and called it a day.

Got email late yesterday – a space opened up at northstar junior high (one of the lake washington school district choice schools) for Melissa. Spent much of today debating the school she should attend. In the end, we decided to send her to northstar.

Found a stuffed cow at the zoo – bought it to put on the dash while we are driving down the road.

Day 20: another brick in the wall

Went to Legoland today. Some of the schools down here have already started, so it wasn’t that crowded. It was amazing at how inefficient the place was – I can’t imagine how long the wait times for rides and food would be if it was crowded. Also, the place seemed more run down than the last time we were here.

On the way back to the motorhome, we hit the first real traffic since we’ve been in socal. Only added about 15 mins to our trip.

And we saw lego cows today 🙂