Disneyland RV Trip–Day #3

We got up early today to get a fast start on the day – today’s goal was to make it the rest of the way to Disneyland! I took a couple of pictures at Sherwood Marina and RV park before we hit the road.  First is a picture of the RV.


Immediately behind us was the marina. The boats are fairly large, the Sacramento River must be pretty deep. There are quite a number of marinas along the river as well, I assume there are interesting places to go/see.


We let the kids sleep for a bit while we were heading down the road. At the first rest stop, they snagged some breakfast. Here is Maddy ready to go for the day.


There was lots of driving today, and it was uneventful driving at that – probably a good thing. We hit a little bit of traffic as we pulled into LA which delayed us by a half an hour or so. Here is our spot at Orangeland RV park.


We did get in early enough for some pool time…Melissa chillin’ by the pool.DSC00878

Maddy showing off her freakish flexibility.DSC00880

Kimberly supervising.DSC00881

After swimming, we walked across the street to grab some dinner. There was a great debate choosing the restaurant, and we finally settled on the Prime Cut Café.


It sounds like we made it here just in time. There are high winds predicted for tomorrow – could gust up to 40mph in the city and 80mph in the mountains. With wind speeds like that, we would have had to wait for it to blow through. I’ll be curious to see what the theme parks do if the winds hit their predicted speed..