Universal Studios

Disneyland RV Trip: End of the trip

Thursday: Universal Studios


Thursday we made the long drive up to Universal Studios…ok the distance wasn’t that far, but the traffic was bad, so it took a bit longer than we expected to arrive (and it was even worse on the way back). For this destination, we had purchased front of the line tickets. This allowed us to go to the front of the line for each attraction one time each.

We kicked things off by going on the back lot tram tour. The King Kong experience was the highlight of this ride for me.You put on 3D glasses as you enter a tunnel, and you find yourself in the middle of a giant 3D movie. There is action happening on both sides of the tram, and it actually moves from one side to the other.

We ended up hitting all of the rides, taking full advantage of our front of the line passes. The Transformers ride was similar to the King Kong experience, except longer! The Simpsons ride is the old Back to the Future ride – I found it to be pretty lame.

Friday: The Beach

The girls wanted to hit the beach while we were here. So, off we went. The temperature wasn’t that warm – upper 60s maybe, and there was a good breeze coming off the ocean. That didn’t keep the kids out of the water though.


There were also a bunch of shore birds feeding on the edge of the water.



Once the girls were done in the water, they decided it was too cold with the wind, so it was back to the RV and the heated pool at the RV park.

Saturday/Sunday: The long drive home

We got an early start on Saturday around 6a. I planned the fuel so that we wouldn’t have to get any gas while we were in the city – in fact we went about 300 miles before we finally stopped. The drive was mostly uneventful except that Taylor decided to get car sick and didn’t get to the bathroom in time, making a huge mess in the RV. Just north of Sacramento, there was a brutal car fire – I checked the news when we stopped for the night, but couldn’t find any details. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

Sunday, the drive was from Redding back to Seattle. It was just a long day. We arrived home around 6:30p after an 11ish hour day in the car.