Sunny bike ride, and a new toy.

Or really the title should be “I got a new toy, and went on a bike ride to try it out”.  Well, to record all of my adventures, I purchased a contour GPS helmet cam.  This is a small camera that can be attached to a variety of mounts and also has a gps in it that will record all of your positional data.  You can then play the video back through a special program, or their web player and you get a map of the current video location, along with speed and altitude data.

After a couple of boring tests, I decided to strap the camera onto my bicycle helmet and try it out in a real world scenario.  My first attempt was riding to school to pick up Taylor – it is bike to school month, and she biked to school today.  Unfortunately, the camera was aimed too low to get any good video…I may have to spring for the “connect view” card – this allows you to preview the display on mobile devices (iOS and Android, no WP7), I’d just have to talk Taylor into letting me borrow her iPod touch.

I adjusted the camera to sit further back on my helmet, and it worked way better.  Now I get to test embedding the videos into my blog Smile.  For the test run, I jumped on my road bike and went down the hill to the Sammamish River Trail.  The first video is getting on the bike trail next to 520 – I get moving pretty good coming down the hill, I top out at 34 mph.

The next video is actually getting on the Sammamish river trail…the speed limit is 15 mph, I kinda went a little too fast…I like to call this trail the suicide trail because of all the idiots that aren’t paying attention on it.  It was a sunny day, so it was crowded, but no “incidents”.

Both videos came out pretty good with the adjustment that I made.  They were recorded @ 1080p with the quality setting to low – I think the motion would be a bit smoother if I bumped up the quality level, however that comes at a size and battery life cost.  I’ll have to play with it a bit more to see how I like it.

Now, I need to go try it on my motorcycle.