Ziplines, Turtles, and Eels, Oh My!

We almost made a critical off by one error on Monday.  As we were leaving for lunch, Melissa checked our adventure schedule and realized that the zipline tour we had scheduled for Tuesday was actually scheduled for Monday, and we need to be at the base location in a half hour.  So, we did the mad dash and actually made it with plenty of time to spare.  After a signing our lives away, we jumped in a van that took us up to the top of the hill.  The tour was operated by Skyline Eco Adventures and consisted of 8 ziplines that traversed back and forth across the mountainside.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous, having never been ziplining before.  It turned out to be a blast!  Of course, I had my helmet cam along to take videos…In this particular video, I intended to jump from the top of the ramp, but ended up taking a step or two down before I launched off.

Tuesday was snorkel day!  We were up early and at the marina by 7a to meet up with our boat through Maui Adventure Cruises.    We booked the “Lanai Dolphin Adventure” which took us over to Lanai on a high speed RIB and two scheduled snorkel stops.  The claimed our first snorkel location was rarely used because the weather has to be just right – the big attraction for this stop was an abundance of green sea turtles.  Within minutes of stopping, we could see four of the turtles cruising around the boat.  After a quick briefing, we jumped in to get a closer look.  I had my helmet cam in a dive housing and got a (somewhat lame) video of a turtle off in the distance.

The turtles did not last long…everyone was called back to the boat after about 15 minutes.  There was some kind of microscopic organism (they told us the name, but I forgot it) in the water that causes a reaction similar to mosquito bites for some people.  It didn’t seem to bother me at all.  Since we were at the location for such a short period of time, they did not count it as one of our two snorkel stops.

Next we were off to a marine preserve near the marina on the south end on Lanai.  Taylor had some issues with her mask at the first location and was pretty tentative about going back in the water.  I spent a good chunk of this stop helping her get more comfortable in the water.  I took a few videos, but nothing too exciting.

We pulled into our final location around a cool lighthouse tower along some cliffs. 


After a long warning about a cave at the bottom of the cliff, we were off into the water again.  I captured a little eel swimming around on video – I spent quite a bit of time surfing the web looking at eel pictures, but could not identify it.

The biggest school of Yellow Tang that I’ve ever seen were swimming around as well.

Now, this was supposed to be the “Lanai Dolphin Adventure” and we hadn’t seen any dolphins yet.   On our way back, we zigzagged back and forth off the south end of Lanai and did not find any dolphins.  After everyone had lost hope of seeing a dolphin, a pod was spotted as we were crossing the channel back to Maui.  As the boat slowed down, the dolphins started drafting off of the boat.



Both of these tours were a ton of fun and I would recommend them to anyone visiting Maui.