Vineyards Campground

Day 34, 35, and 36: Don’t Mess with Texas

I’ve been slacking on updating the blog, so here are 3 days at once!

Day 34

Miles Today: 190
Miles Total: 5205
Weather: Sunny, Low 100s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 3

As always, stopping for fuel is a ton of fun. We got everything lined up in a station that was kind of tight, and then the pump was out of order!  No problem, there was a station across the street, but the pumps were facing the wrong way (when the pumps are perpendicular to the station building, we can’t make the turn to get out once we’ve filled up) – however I could use the outside pump and sneak around the outside of the building to wrap around and get back on the road.  Since we take 60+ gallons every time we fill up, we go inside and give them our credit card so they can just turn the pump on.  Of course there was a huge line of people with one person working the register – it took about 10 minutes to get through the line.  I start to fill up and then the pump stops at $200.  So, I have to go in and sign for it and have them turn on the pump again.  While all this is happening, the Hostess truck shows up to stock the store – and blocks my exit!  I finally get things filled up and try to sneak by the Hostess guy, and I just can’t make it.  Fortunately the driver comes out to leave, but takes his sweet time doing it.  This fuel stop took about 2x longer than normal!

We are staying at the Vineyards Campground on Lake Grapevine, or at least the RV is staying there.  Robin insisted that we come stay at her house.  The campground is actually quite nice, right on the lake.  Our spot doesn’t have any shade though.  The offered to move us to a new site on Thursday, but since we aren’t actually staying in the motorhome, we declined.

We packed everyone up into the Jeep with their stuff (which is a bit of a challenge in the Jeep) and drove over to Robin’s house.  The kids all jumped in the pool and Robin made us some awesome pulled pork for dinner on Wednesday.

Day 35

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 5205
Weather: Sunny, Low 100s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 4

Kim and I got up early and went back to the motorhome to do some work.  The rods on the tow bar were no longer retracting.  I had lubed them up a ton, and they still wouldn’t slide.  I was about to give up when I did the unthinkable – I read the manual.  According to the manual, no matter what you do, do not lubricate the locking mechanism with a silicon based lube.  It attracts too much dirt and the tolerances on the locking mechanism are so tight that the bars won’t unlock…uh I guess I shouldn’t have done that.  Fortunately, it also told you how to fix the problem since you didn’t read the manual in the first place.  Repeated soaking w/WD-40 will clean things out and everything should work fine.  Well, I didn’t have any WD-40, so I had to run to the local auto parts store.  After soaking multiple times and banging on them with a rubber mallet, things started to work again.  Once I got things lubed up properly, they are working the best they have all trip.

The kids all wanted to hang in the pool at Robin’s house, so Kim and I decided to drive down to Cowboy Stadium and do a tour.  The stadium is pretty unreal.  You see the big screen on TV and think it looks big – in person, it is huge and it has an amazing picture.  For the self-guided tour we were doing, they actually let you go down on the field – so we did :).  We went into the cheerleaders locker room and the cowboys locker room.  It was a good tour and would recommend to people visiting the area.


Day 36

Miles Today: 0
Miles Total: 5205
Weather: Sunny, Low 100s
Consecutive Days with a cow sighting: 5

Today, Robin was kind enough to set us up with a tennis lesson.  Of course, it was at noon, and it was over 100 degrees outside (and probably much hotter on the court).  I was hitting the ball pretty well for not having played in over a month.  Maybe this tournament next weekend won’t be a disaster.

After getting done with tennis, we went back to Robin’s house and jumped in the pool – all of our clothes were in the laundry and we were nasty from playing tennis.  We hung out in the pool for a couple of hours, which was nice in the heat.

After the pool, we went out to dinner with Kim’s relatives (Nick, Marilyn, Brent, and Brent’s girlfriend Jessica).    The restaurant we went to was called Hard 8 Barbq – it was very good.  They smoke/cook all of the meat outside.  You picked out your meat outside and they put it on your plate, and then moved inside to get your side dishes.  The food was awesome!


We are back at the RV tonight, we start the power drive home tomorrow – 6 consecutive days of driving.   It turns out they do a fireworks show every Friday night.  So we watched the show – it lasted about 15 minutes…I wonder how they fund it on a weekly basis.