Triathlon Camp–Winery Ride

Time for another bike ride.  Today we rode out to a winery at Ulupalakua on the south side of the island. The fist half of the route covered the same roads that we are going to take for our epic Haleakala ride (it looks like the Haleakala ride is going to be moved up to Thursday for some better weather), which gave us some insight on things to come.

To start things out, we exited the B&B going uphill for a short ride to the town of Makawao. After making our way through town, the hill became much more steep as we continued on up the mountain side. After a little bit, the climb mellowed out a bit, but it was still a climb. It took just over an hour to get to the road that goes to the summit of the mountain.

The support vehicle was waiting at the intersection and after giving a quick refill on one of my bottles, instructed me to proceed up toward the summit to 4500’ (the intersection is at about 3500’), and then descend down before heading off to the winery.  So we climbed some more!  As we neared the 4500’ turn around, I heard a big squawk coming from the side of the hill and standing there was a big ring neck rooster staring at me. Didn’t have my camera handy, so I didn’t get a picture.  When we made it up to 4500’ we stopped to rest for a minute, which gave me the opportunity to pull the camera out and take a picture of the marker on the road.


At this point there has been a whole lot of up.  10 miles into the ride and we have ascended 2500’ and only descended 180’. That was about to change – now we went down, down, down.  My hands were getting fatigued working the brakes (I spoke with the coaches later in the evening to talk about a good strategy to help with this) which made the descent a little stressful for me. I made it to the bottom ok.  Then it was another short climb before a long descent to the winery.

Unlike coming down from the side of Haleakala (I guess all the downs are technically coming down from the side of Haleakala on this side of the island), the descent into the winery was awesome. It was not too steep, with lots of winding corners that weren’t too sharp. Did grab a quick picture of the view on the way down.WP_20130312_003

Then we were at the winery.  Stopped for a bit to rest and eat some food.  Topped of our bottles, and then it was time to climb back up that long hill we just came down! Here is a picture of the winery tasting room.WP_20130312_004

and the area where we gathered with the bikes to restock them.WP_20130312_005

The way back was the same as the way out, just reversed (minus the side excursion up the side of Haleakala).

Once we got back to Makawao, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a quick bite to eat.WP_20130312_008

The total length of the ride today was 45 miles with an elevation gain of about 5500’ (Garmin file is here). I did much better on this ride. I think I’ve nailed down a good nutrition system, I just need to make sure that I don’t run out of anything.  While my legs are tired tonight, I feel much better than I did after the ride on Sunday.  Time to head off to bed so I can be ready for the “Rambo” hike and open water swim tomorrow.