Alaska – Following Along

Internet access is going to be sporadic on my upcoming trip, so while I plan on writing my blog daily, there may be big gaps of time between individual entries being published. I’ll also try not to flood everyone with updates, so a bit of lag will naturally be introduced into the posts.

For people who’d like to be more up to date on my position, I will be using an InReach SE to track my location(as well as giving me a big red emergency button if I need to use it). The best site to view this data is spotwalla:

The site will not show any updates until I leave tomorrow afternoon. Not all web browsers play nicely with spotwalla, so you are welcome to try the Delorme site as well:

Another cool thing about the InReach SE is the ability to update Twitter via satellite – So, the most frequent up to date text updates will come via Twitter. You can follow me @adv_guy.

One final place I’ll be updating status is on advrider: