Shrimp Fajitas

Ready to Rock!

I’m down in sunny Arizona to run the Rock and Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon.  I left foggy Seattle on Thursday – wasn’t sure that I was going to get out on time.  When I arrived at the terminal, the flight prior to mine had been delayed for an hour already.  They did manage to get that plane out of the way and mine took off on time.


It is a pretty quick hop from Seattle down to Phoenix – in fact I didn’t even finish the movie that I was watching on the way down.  Quick does not mean uneventful.  I purchased some beef jerky for a snack on the flight…I cracked it open about lunch time and took a small bite and it tasted kinda funny.  I looked in the bag it was all moldy – yuck!  Fortunately I did have a few other snacks, so I didn’t starve.

The adventure didn’t stop there.  I picked up my luggage without issue, but the rental car was an entirely different story.  I went to the line and got through the agent ok, however, they were out of clean cars.  The agent at the counter informed me that a nice clean car would be ready in about 20 minutes.  I turned out to be closer to an hour.

I was heading down to Tucson to visit family, and the rental car delay allowed me to experience the Phoenix freeway system at the height of rush hour.  Once I cleared the traffic and grooved into driving, one of my contacts decided that it was time to no longer be in my eye properly.  I pulled over to address the issue without hitting anything (that I could feel, since I couldn’t see).

Finally made it down to Tucson and we headed out to a somewhat late dinner.  Had some yummy shrimp fajitas, with the worst waitress ever to go along with it.  She was slow, didn’t check on us (and when she did she spilled on me), and also didn’t seem to know how to work the credit card machine.  I was ready for Thursday to be done!

Friday was way better!  Got up, had a nice breakfast and then went shopping for a bit.  We went for a nice warm walk in the neighborhood (temp in the low 70s).  I took a few pictures of deserty things Smile



There is even a picture of me


Took off in the afternoon to head back to the Phoenix area.  Fortunately, there were no issues on the drive back.  The first order of business was to check in for the race.


Once I picked up my number, I moved into the retail area and purchased a souvenir shirt (nicer than the one in the race packet) and  a running hat (because I didn’t bring one).  The expo was fairly empty – I walked straight up to a cashier and paid.  The cashier said that it was crazy a little earlier in the day.  So I timed the expo pretty well.

After the expo, I checked into my room, which is right on the edge of the ASU campus.  I wandered over to Mill Ave searching for dinner and couldn’t decide between the bajillion restaurants.  Ultimately, I decided that going into a crowded bar full of college students on a Friday night was probably not a good choice, so I went to Jimmy John’s and got a sandwich.

Saturday I’m planning on an easy run – just long enough to get things warmed up a bit.  Then I think I will explore the ASU campus a bit.  This is one of the schools that my oldest daughter, Melissa, has applied to attend.