Salty Dawg Saloon

Alaska Ride – June 20th – Day #26

Today is halibut fishing day! We woke up to blue skies and no wind – it doesn’t get any better than that. We walked down to the charter office to check in and get our licenses and derby tickets. There are only 6 people going today, so they are putting us on a smaller boat. We walk down to the boat an meet Monica the bait girl. This is only her second trip! We’ll try to be nice 🙂

It is a 1 1/2 hr ride out to the halibut fishing spot, but there was still tons to see along the way. Lots of sea otters – didn’t get any good group pictures, but did get this ok shot of an individual.


There were also views of several volcanoes. Don’t remember their names though (I suppose I could go look at a map and figure it out, but I’m a bit tired and lazy tonight)

DSC03575   DSC03588

We get to the spot and the captain anchors the boat. Put my line down and I get the first fish on! Which I promptly lose – we are using circle hooks and it is bad to try and set the hook. We re-bait my line and I get another hook up right away. First fish on the boat! The limit for halibut is two, but one of them needs to be less than 29”. This fish counted as my “small” one.


There was a little bit of a lull, and then I was on fire. I probably caught the most fish on the boat. I lost track of the number I was throwing back – my goal was to catch a “big” one for my second fish. Eventually I get a pretty nice one – the captain said it was 25#, so I’m gonna believe him. I think it ended up being the 2nd largest fish on the boat. This also sets me as the first person with a limit.

Meanwhile, the old man can’t catch a thing. He keeps getting strikes and no hook ups. The captain was worried that the boat was going to run out of bait. Eventually, he does finally catch his fish.DSC03594

about to come aboard!


we took a picture on the way back in. The fish closest to us it the largest one…it doesn’t look that much larger in the picture, but it was.


Once back in port, we had a fish processor come down to the boat and pick up our fish. They will vacuum seal it in 1# bags for us, flash freeze them, and then FedEx them home. Although, it is probably cheaper to just buy the fish at Costco (the whole process ended up being ~$12/lb)

After taking showers, we went down to the Salty Dawg Saloon for a beer. It is a pretty cool place, but the beers were expensive.


We moved on from the Salty Dawg to a restaurant and had a nice shrimp dinner. After a 15 minute walk back to the hotel, my dad realized he forgot his camera at the restaurant. So, we got a little extra exercise tonight.

Tomorrow we start pointing our bikes toward home! Right now it looks like we should be home right around the end of the month.