KTM 1190 Adventure


Miles Total: 327
Miles Today: 122

Woke up a little before 6a this morning, just as it was getting light. Had my alarm set for 6, so I guess I didn’t need it. Since I had cell coverage, I surfed around on my phone for a bit before I actually climbed out of the hammock and made some breakfast.

Today’s breakfast consisted of high protein oatmeal, hot chocolate, and a Kind bar. This is going to be a theme throughout the trip because I brought the exact same thing for breakfast every single day! At some point, we may end up in a hotel and perhaps there will be a restaurant nearby for a change of pace.


After I broke camp, I made my way down to the river to filter some water. It was a neat little river that was not that far away – made for some good white noise while falling asleep.


Once the water was filtered, it was time to gear up and get ready to go. Then the first issue of the day struck…I continue to be zipper challenged – somehow I busted the zipper on my riding pants. Now, I’m not exactly sure why there is a zipper on the pants – the area behind the zipper is a piece of waterproof material. Anyhow, not a catastrophic failure, so we could continue on with the trip.


I was ready to go a little earlier than my dad, and I spotted this squirrel that was going up and down a tree like crazy. It looked like he was collecting pine needles and moss to build a nest.


As we cruised along, we would stop at some of the campgrounds for rest breaks. This works out nice because there is plenty of parking and a bathroom. It is always a good opportunity to take another picture of the bike! This is at the Tiffany Spring Campground.


Today’s ride was about 40% dirt, 60% pavement. I had expected a bit more dirt today, but the paved sections were still really nice. Many cool views along the way – I took videos w/my 360fly, but I won’t process them until I get home. The dirt was pretty easy today – you would occasionally have to stand up for some ruts or short rocky sections. This picture is typical of the roads we were on.


I would ride ahead of my dad a bit, I tend to ride a bit faster, plus it keeps the dust down for him. Periodically (usually at intersections), I would stop and let him catch up. This led to an opportunity to get an action shot.


There were a few hunters out and about. Grouse is open and apparently it is archery season for deer and bear right now. At one of our campground stops (Long Swamp Campground), we chatted with an archery hunter who had just driven in.

When we stop for longer breaks, I take my 360fly off of it’s mount and put it in the charger. At this particular break, I dropped it as I was putting it back on the bike. Of course it landed lens down – there are a few chips along the edges, hopefully it doesn’t mess up the pictures too bad.


On our way to Oroville, we cruised along the Similkameen River. It was a very cool road with great views of the river. There were a few boats that looked like they were dredging for gold – I wish I would have stopped and taken a picture. A small herd of deer crossed the road in front of us, hopefully I got them on the 360fly video – my Dad messed up his camera opportunity…We pulled into Oroville for some gas and to pick up some munchies and then cruised on down the street to this little park so we could sit down and eat lunch.


My lunch plan is to pick up snacks at our gas stop every day. My Mom bought my Dad a bunch of cup-o-soup for his lunches, so he took our park stop as an opportunity to heat up some water and make lunch.


While we were there, there were quail calling each other. I tracked down the source to the front of a house across the street from the park.


We opted to skip the extra loop up to Molson so that we could get into camp early today. It turned out to be a good thing because it started to rain just after we got camp set up. Here is my Dad lounging around before things got wet.


Here is the view from my hammock.


It’s been raining for a solid hour so far. I did a weather request on my InReach and it sounds like it is going to clear up tonight. I have not had dinner yet, I’m writing up this blog entry to kill time waiting for the rain to stop. I suppose if the rain doesn’t stop soon, I’ll get hungry enough to go eat in the rain or make dinner under my tarp – don’t want to attract the bears though!


Alaska – The Motorcycle

Ok, I’m riding my motorcycle to Alaska…I need to show it off a bit before I go! My previous bike was a Kawasaki KLR 650. It was a fine bike that would take me anywhere, but it was a bit lacking when riding on the highway. This trip is going to be a ton of highway miles, so I used it as an excuse to upgrade.

I was about to go down and write a check to buy a new BMW F800 GS Adventure, but just to be thorough, I went for a test ride on a KTM 1190 Adventure. As soon as I was done, I left a deposit for the “R” version. (this was in November). 2014 is the first year that these bikes are being imported to the US, so supply was (and still is) low, and demand was high. When the first round of bikes came through, I didn’t make the cut. However, one of my buddies found a new KTM dealer that had a bike that hadn’t been claimed! After a quick phone call, it was mine.

One thing about the “R” – it is tall. In fact, I am barely tall enough to ride it, and I’ve already dropped it a couple of times due to it’s “tallness”. I contemplated having custom springs put in which would lower the bike by 1 1/4” (and cost ~$1k). As I’ve ridden the bike more, I’ve become used to the height, so I’m going to Alaska with the stock springs.


This is how the bike will look while I’m on the trip…Almost (there will be two small gas cans mounted on the top case). Some of the farkles:

  • Touratech Zega Pro top box
  • Touratech Zega Pro 2 side panniers – these just arrived last week, almost didn’t make it for the trip!
  • Touratech Skid Plate.
  • Touratech Upper Crashbar.
  • Ortlieb Dry Bag


From the front:

  • Puig Touring Screen
  • Touratech Light Guard
  • Rigid Dually Driving Light.
  • VIRB Elite mounted to the upper crash bar (right side of the bike, left side of the picture)




  • KTM Tank bag
  • Delorme InReach SE
  • Garmin Montana GPS
  • Touratech GPS mount


For water, I’ve got two 2 liter MSR bladders strapped to the top of the side panniers.

Not really pictured anywhere:

  • Radguard Radiator Guard
  • Heated Gear Harness
  • PDM60 for power management
  • KTM Orange bar end caps
  • KTM Orange brake reservoir cap
  • KTM Orange valve stem caps

For tires, I went with the Hidenau K60s. The tend to get mixed reviews, but I don’t want to deal with having to swap out tires in Alaska – the rear tire is a funky size. So, I went for I tire that should last the whole trip (I guess I’ll find out).

I’m sure there are some other small things I forgot, but this is the bulk of them!