Halibut and chips

Alaska Ride – June 25th – Day #31

Clearly I am zipper challenged. I now have imminent zipper failure on the tent door. The zipper seems to zip fine, and then it just comes apart in places. Only a few more camping nights left before we get home, hopefully it will be good enough to last.

The wind blew like crazy last night. I’m glad they had a sheltered area for the tents, otherwise we may have been lifted up and taken to Oz. Don’t think my tent is sturdy enough to squish a witch…

After consulting we several of “the guys” here at the RV park, we decide to walk about a mile or so to a bakery for breakfast. Ended up getting a yummy sticky bun, sausage, and some hot chocolate. I needed all the extra calories to recover from the walk 🙂


On the way back, we stopped at a sportsman store and lucked into some earplugs in the shooting section. I’ve been using disposable earplugs since I lost my reusable ones early in the trip, and I’m almost out. They actually had the same brand that I was using before! Hopefully I can keep track of them for the 3-4 days of riding we have left (after a couple of days on the ferry).

After dropping off the earplugs in the tent, we decided to walk around the waterfront and take a few pictures. There is a cruise ship in town today…


and they had a big totem pole on the waterfront.


We looped back through town again and stopped at an outdoor recreation store. I bought a big sheet of mosquito netting for $9. I figure that if the zipper on the tent door fails, I can duct tape up some bug netting to keep from being eaten alive in the tent (If there happen to be bugs around).

Another trip back to the tent to drop things off, and then time for lunch! Halibut and Chips today!


Again it was back to the campground. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon planning our route from Prince Rupert to home. It really looks like we’ll be able to do it in 3 days, which will put us home late in the day on June 30th (there was a nice lady who insisted that we would have no problem making it in 3 days, she’s done it lots of times). So, unless we get tired and stop early on one of the days, we’ve got a solid plan.

The halibut that I caught and had shipped home arrived today. The only problem – it was supposed to arrive yesterday. About half of the shipment had thawed. Fortunately I had insured it, so I called up FedEx. They said I have to call the shippers (the fish processing company) and they have to file a claim. I talked to the processing company and they said they would take care of it and send me out some more fish. I’m still waiting for a call back, but keeping my fingers crossed.

We walked to the Lighthouse Restaurant next door and grabbed dinner. Look! I had something healthy! (if you ignore the fact that the fish was soaked with garlic butter).


Spending the rest of the evening getting organized for the ferry tomorrow – we don’t have access to the bikes while the boat is underway. I’m trying to figure out how I can most efficiently get my stuff from the bike to the cabin. Then it is off to bed.


Alaska Ride – June 9th – Day #15

It rained quite a bit last night, so we had to let our things dry out a bit before we start our trek back to more civilized, paved roads. Walked back up to the cooking shelter to grab some breakfast, and ended up with some good views on the way back to the campsite (lower right of the picture).


We were all packed up and on the road by 10:30a or so…when we got to the road, it was a bit muddy. Now the mud on this section of the road is nothing like the grease-slick mud that we encountered near Eagle Plains, but we were a bit gun-shy, and pulled into the visitor center just down the road a bit to play it safe and let the road dry out.


The visitor center is a nice place that talks about the park, but it seems pretty useless when it comes to giving out information on the current state of the road. The weather forecast was for clearing in the afternoon, and then changing back to rain for the next couple of days. So, we had a small “dry” window open to us. After waiting for 45 minutes, we start to head out to the parking lot, still unsure of which direction we wanted to go – back to the campground or 70km out to the pavement. As we were walking out to our bikes, we spoke with some people who had just come up the road and said it was fine. So, we went for it! Turns out the worst part of the road (and it wasn’t that bad), was right outside the visitor center. Within a mile, the road was totally dry (and gravel).

Once we made it back to the start of the Dempster, we pulled over so I could air up my tires. I had them aired down for better traction…I wanted them back up to normal again for better mileage and so the tires would last longer on the pavement.

We made our way to Dawson City and grabbed some lunch. Halibut and chips!IMG_0428

After lunch and fuel (there is premium at the shell station in Dawson City), it was time to give the bikes a bath to get the calcium chloride muck off. They really weren’t that dirty compared to some bikes I’ve seen come off the Dempster (or Dalton). The rain last night did take some of the muck off for us.  IMG_0438

Happy KTM!


After the wash, we went just a bit down the road to the Klondike river campground. We have a nice spot in the woods and really can’t see anyone around us. 

We walked down to the river to try some fishing since went through the trouble of buying fishing licenses. We had access to a section of the river that was not ideal for fishing. Wide and shallow with fast moving water. But it was still fun to cast a line for a bit.IMG_0442

I’ve made the call that we are not doing any more unpaved roads this trip. That means no Top of the World Highway or Denali Highway – I’ll have to save them for a future trip. So, to get to Fairbanks, we are going to need to start to backtrack tomorrow and head toward the Alaska Highway.