Civilization 5

Triathlon Camp in Maui

I made my way to Maui today so that I can participate in the Ironspeed Hawaii triathlon camp for the next week.This year I plan on stretching my races out to the half ironman distance, so I’ll need all the help I can get. The weather in the northwest is not very conducive to riding this time of year, this camp should help me bump up the mileage considerably without having to sit on a trainer for hours at a time.

This trip will also be the first time I’m blogging with my Surface Pro, hopefully it will work out nicely.  Either way, I’ll probably be making comments about it over the next few days.

The flight out from Seattle was a little on the rough side.  The fasten seatbelts sign was on for pretty much the entire flight.  There were a few bumps here and there, but we really didn’t encounter any severe turbulence. It also was a good battery test case for the Surface.  I had the device in flight mode and the battery in power saver mode. This combination managed to squeak out about 4 hours of battery life.  2 hours were watching a movie and the other 2 hours were playing games.  I will admit to playing Civ 5 for about 1/2 hr, and it chews through the battery rapidly (and is probably the most graphically intense game I have on the device). I would still like to see this be a bit longer…

I collected my luggage and after wandering around a bit for the oversize luggage area, I found my bike just sitting out near the original carousel.  At this point, I hooked up with a couple of other camp attendees.  We waited a short while to be picked up by Cal (main guy from Ironspeed) and shuttled up to the B&B. The short ride up to the B&B was filled by all kinds of wonderful stories about headwinds during the rides from previous years.

Once I arrived at the B&B, I had to reassemble my bike.  TSA had cracked the case and left me a note, but everything seemed to be ok.  Getting the rear wheel back on was a bit of a challenge (I really hope I never get a flat during a race).  Got help from some friends and managed to get it on.  The rest of the assembly was pretty straightforward – of course, I haven’t actually ridden it yet, so I’ll really know for sure tomorrow.

The rest of today has been decompressing from the travel and getting mentally prepared for the week.  The shortest rides this week will be longer than the longest rides that I’ve ever done in the past.  I’ve been putting a lot of training time in, but not a lot of it has been on the bike. All the stories about headwinds are making me a bit anxious as well…Hopefully my body will hold up.

I’m going to close with a couple of lame pictures of my room. They are the only two pictures I took today, and I feel like I need to have some pictures in the post.  Also, I purchased a photography magazine to read during takeoff and landing, and there were some cool lightroom tips that I wanted to try. (ok I’m so lame at lightroom that any tips would be cool for me).