cinnamon roll

Arctic Adventure Day #11

Our goal today was to make it to the Dempster Highway. We woke up early, so we could hit the road to ensure that there were campsites left at the Tombstone Campground when we arrived.

After the first hour, we stopped at the Braeburn Lodge for a giant cinnamon roll. We had part for breakfast, part for lunch, part for dinner, and still have some left over for tomorrow.

Or next stop was in Carmacks to pick up some ice. The cooler has been working pretty well, we’ve been adding a bag of ice every couple of days. This picture shows what it looked like after 3 days with no new ice. The block is from the start of the trip!

We checked out the Five Finger Rapids viewing area. It was starting to rain, so we didn’t stay very long.

Tundra checked them out too!

We made it to the Dempster

This is the visitor center at tombstone.

We had lunch there as well.

Since it was early and the road was in good shape, we decided to continue on to the Engineer Creek campground. The ranger at the visitor center warned us that it is pretty buggy.

Car is getting dirty.

The ranger didn’t lie, there were lots of bugs here, mostly in the campsites – the road through the campground was pretty clear. We spent lots of time in the cooking shelter to get away from the bugs.

Not sure if this means it is going to be dark for an instant at 5a, or if it isn’t going to get dark 🙂 hopefully tomorrow we’ll see what my watch does when there is no sunrise or sunset.


Alaska Ride – June 11th – Day #17

Total zipper failure! The slider on my sleeping bag zipper exploded last night, so now I have no zipper on my sleeping bag. Not to worry! I pulled out the gorilla tape and taped it closed in the middle of the night.

It rained a bit last night, and there was still a light sprinkle as we woke up this morning. We could see the sun breaking through the clouds in the distance. We stalled for a bit waiting for the rain to stop, which didn’t take very long. We also skipped breakfast because today we were scheduled to have giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast! (of which I did not take a picture, but if you go back a few days, you can see one that we bought on the way north).

Then it was on to Whitehorse. We made a provisioning stop at Walmart, where I also grabbed some items to help fix my sleeping bag. I’ll stick with my tape fix tonight and spend some time tomorrow doing a better fix with needle and thread and duct tape! What a combination.

Now it was time to move on to new territory, heading west on the Alaska Highway. The last couple of days on the Klondike Highway has been so-so for views. This section of the Alaska Highway is way better, with big mountain views. I like the mountain views.

We stopped at a rest area that had a cool little wooden bridge that predates the Alaska Highway, although it has apparently been refurbished since.


We pulled over at the next rest area to get a picture of the mountains.


We stopped at a burger joint in Haines Junction to grab some lunch. I ended up having a spicy Caribou sausage (at least that’s what they claimed).


Haines Junction has spectacular views of the mountains…here are the bikes in the parking lot of the lunch joint.


We rode another 45 minutes down the road to Cottonwood RV Park. We picked this out of The Milepost because it looked pretty nice, and it is, except for two things. No laundry and super slow internet. Our plan is to take a rest day here tomorrow, so it kinda sucks about the laundry. It will just have to wait till Fairbanks.DSC03306

Lack of internet has caused me to fall behind on posting blog updates (I’ve been writing them though!). Hopefully the super slow internet here will help me catch back up again.

Alaska Ride – June 3rd – Day #9

We took full advantage of the hotel room and slept in until 7a (That really isn’t sleeping in). I didn’t actually get out of bed until 8a or so. After surfing the web and posting yesterday’s blog, we started to take things down to load up the bikes. I opened the left pannier and the nastiest smell came out – I’m pretty sure the towel I was using to clean the windshield finally accumulated enough bug parts to smell rotten. On top of that, the pannier had quite a bit of water in it and I didn’t see any obvious leaks.

We finally got the bikes all packed up, and after searching for my Dad’s glasses for 20 minutes, we were off. First stop was the Honda/KTM dealer to see if they had any heated gear. We both decided that some heated socks were in order after yesterday. But alas, they didn’t have any. Then it was off to walmart to restock some food.


My dad kept complaining about his pants falling down, so he bought a pair of suspenders. He kept using some excuse about a busted zipper, I just think he likes the old man look.


The ride today was pretty short (by design). We left the Alaska Highway to start on the Klondike Highway. The scenery is a bit different, not as many mountains but lots of cool streams and swampy areas that should have a moose in them…yet we have seen none. There are also some pretty big areas that are recovering from forest fires, so the trees are pretty small.

The first food we had all day was lunch at the Braeburn Lodge. We split a giant hamburger and got a giant cinnamon roll for dessert. We couldn’t actually finish the cinnamon roll, so we saved the leftovers and ate them for dinner.


We pulled into Carmacks to grab some gas. Hooray! they had premium. I moved my bike away from the pump to park it, and I dropped it again as I stopped. Argh! A couple of locals sitting on the porch watched the whole thing and were kind enough to come over and help me lift the bike. I banged up the right pannier again.

We stopped for the night at the Coal Mine Campground, about a mile from the gas station. I spent some time banging the dent out of my pannier (again). Then I looked at my leaky pannier to see if I could figure out how the water was getting in. Nothing was obvious – I had replaced some small screws to install a cargo net on the inside of the pannier lid. I figure I didn’t tighten one enough, so I started to tighten them…and busted the head off one. Of course I don’t have a spare. I gave up and plugged the hole with gorilla tape. So now I have a leaky pannier with a saggy cargo net 🙂

We really haven’t taken too many pictures the last couple of days – we haven’t seen any wildlife since the day with all the bears, it poured down rain yesterday, and we really didn’t cover much ground today. We’ll try to be better about it in the future.

So, I’ll close with a picture of my dad surfing porn or whatever he does on the computer sitting in his tent.