Rocky Mountain/West Coast – 2007

Day 19: Lazy Day

Spent a lazy day hanging around the RV today.  We needed to change spots within the RV park, and we had to wait until our new spot became available.  After we moved spots (now have a bay view spot), Kim ran to the store to pick up some groceries – while the rest of us hung out and played video games. When she came back, we hung out by the pool for an hour and a half or so.
Turns out Doug is down here for work, so we went out to dinner with him and one of his co-workers.  Had Mexican food for dinner, and then went to Cold Stone for desert.  Tomorrow we plan on hitting Legoland.
no cows today :(.

Day 18: seaworld

Did the monster marathon at seaworld today. Started off by feeding the dolphins, which was a ton of fun. Followed it up by going to the killer whale show. We sat in the "splash zone" and got totally soaked. Stayed wet pretty much the whole day. Saw almost all of the shows. The kid’s favorite activity was petting the bat rays.

Tomorrow we plan on having a lazy day by the pool. We need to move sites tomorrow, so we need to hang around in the morning to wait for our new spot.

Just saw a cow on tv 🙂

Day 17: Go Seahawks!

Miles Today: 190
Miles Total: 2307
We are now in sunny San Diego (Chula Vista actually) – it is nice to be someplace with normal temperatures and near the ocean.  Pulled in about 1p – this is a very nice RV park w/huge marina as well.  We are here for 5 nights, but we have to move to a different spot in a couple of days (to a beach view spot, bummer I know).  Kim and I left the kids in the MH and went to lunch right down the street – it was pretty cool, kids weren’t old enough to do that last time around.
Went to Best Buy and bought a point and shoot camera for the theme parks.  Figured that the big cameras are too much of a pain to carry around when all we want is a quick picture w/mickey mouse.  Ended up getting a Canon SD 850 IS – it is a nice small size, hopefully it works well.
Sat around tonight and watched the football game.  Once it was over, hooked up the xbox for the first time on the trip.  Got an achievement offline – hopefully the online sync works :).
tomorrow, we are going to go to Sea World…don’t know that there will be any cows (but we did see one today).

Day 16: Going to California

Miles Today: 320
Miles Total:  2117
Today was a travel day.  Got out of williams at about 10a and drove and drove and drove.  In the middle of the mojave desert, we were down to 1/4 tank of gas – stopped to fuel (next stop was 60 mi away) and paid $4.29 a gallon for gas (about $1/gallon more than town).  We are staying in Yermo, CA (just outside of Barstow). It is hot, hot, hot here – 10p and still in the 90s.  Speaking of Barstow – Kim looked up a place for dinner in the gps and decided we should go to Ruby’s.  Well, it turns out Ruby’s here is not like the one in Redmond.  There aren’t any windows, and there are nightly dances.  The girls really enjoyed dinner there :).  (actually went to some other place down the street).
Tomorrow we move on to San Diego – we are staying in a fancy RV park in town. We’ll be there till Friday, when we move on to LA.
saw another cow today.

Day 15: The Grand Canyon

Drove out to the Grand Canyon today. It was by far the most crowded park we’ve been to. Almost all of the parking areas were overflowing with people, most of them extremely annoying. Boy I can’t wait to go to crowded theme parks.

Had a campfire for the first time on the trip. It was the first time the fire danger wasn’t at extreme.

Tomorrow we head toward San Diego. It is over 500 miles, so we are going to take 2 days getting there – hopefully we’ll make it to bartow, CA tomorrow.

Another day, another cow.

Day 14: half way done

Miles today: 360
Miles total: 1797

Headed south today. From moab, we went southwest through monument valley toward the grand canyon. We got stuck in standstill traffic again, this time just north of flagstaff. After about an hour, traffic started moving again. 5 miles or so down the road, we drove past the cause – a semi had burned to the ground. It had to have been a pretty massive fire – the tires were totally gone, the trailer sorta had 2 walls left, and there was almost nothing left of the cab.

We are in Williams, AZ. Tomorrow we are going to head to the Grand Canyon.

And, we saw a cow again today 🙂

Day 13: there are arches here, aren’t there?

Spent the day going through arches national park. There are tons of cool rock fornations, but you have to go on hikes to see most of the arches. Since it was pushing 100 degrees, and we have a 5 yr old with us, we didn’t see too many arches. There are 4wd roads going through the park, but they are experienced/experts. Also, the jeep is making a funny clunking noise at low rpm.

Also, today we had a discussion about the cow rules – we bought a carton of milk with a cow on it. Here are the cow rules…a cow counts if:

1. It is a real live (or dead) cow.
2. A picture of a cow.
3. A statue of a cow.

It does not count if:
1. It was already counted once.
2. Intentionally searched for on the internet or through other means.

Day 12: It’s full of stars

Miles today: 228
Miles total: 1437

Moved down to moab, ut today. The fastest route was through Colorado where we had to go over an 8000 ft pass. Coming down was a little scary, but we made it ok. Filled up when we left this morning and got a spectacular 6.6 mpg.

We are staying just outside of moab. I’ve now found the one place in the world where people think i have a weenie jeep. Went into tow for dinner and to scout a place to do an oil change for the mh. I think i’ll wait till i’m in flagstaff.

Got back to the motorhome as it was getting dark. The sky was full of stars. The darker it got, the more stars you could see. Could clearly see the milky way. Got the telescope out and looked at a ton of different objects. Don’t know if i’ll ever get it out at home again.

Day 11: using 4WD

Today we went to Dinosaur National Monument. The visitor center is closed because it is falling apart due to ground movement. They have a temporary center set up which was pretty cool – several bones including skulls were there for the kids to see and touch. There is a 1 mile hike you can take to see dinosaur bones that are exposed due to the natural erosion of the area. We showed up around 1p or so and it was 90+ degrees, so we opted not to go down the trail (even though someone had just finished it and said it was worth the hike).

We drove through the park and saw some petroglyphs, and ended up at a log cabin that a lady lived in all by herself from the early 1900s through 1964 when she died – never had power, phone, or even internet.

On the way back we went down a road that was "not recommended for passenger vehicles". Since we were in the jeep, we figured it was just for us. After winding down the road for about 15 minutes, and thinking that the sign was wrong, we started to go up, up, up. Went up 2000 feet on very rough road – 4WD was required. The road was still going up when we weenied out – 100 degree heat, down to 1/4 tank of gass, the topo map on the gps looked like it was going to get even steeper, and clouds were starting to roll in (there was a flash flood warning yesterday, and a chance for more thunderstorms today). Looking at the map, there are a bunch of jeep trails in the area – we need to get the skorupa jeep club to make a trip out here.

On the way back into town, we stopped at the museum of natural land history – it was really cool. You started in a theater with a 15 minute video on how they dig up fossils, and then you moved from station to station looking at different fossils. They had several skeletons of entire dinosaurs. The kids had a blast.

Day 10: The internet is lame

miles today: 326.7
miles total: 1209

Our current location is Vernal, UT.  Made it here after a long days drive through Wyoming.  Most of central Wyoming was pretty boring – straight roads, slightly uphill, sagebrush everywhere, not much else to look at.  After we crossed through Rock Spring, things got a little more interesting – a nice curvy, hilly road.  Would have been fun in the Porsche.  As we descended into Vernal, traffic was stopped for an hour.  A big truck had come down the 9% grade too fast and rolled.

Had our first mechanical scare today.  As we were pulling out of Jackson, a guy waved me down and said my left rear outside tire was wobbling.  We took a quick peek on the side of the road and it looked like the tire was not on the rim correctly.  He piloted us back to a tire store in town (which was closed because it was sunday).  While parked there I pulled off the wheel liner – turns out the liner is bent slightly, so it fooled us on the tire/rim connection, as well as makes the tire look like it was wobbling.
Saw a bit of wildlife today – a ton of Antelope in Wyoming, a deer, and a coyote.  And of course, we saw a cow.
I’ve been trying to get wireless internet working for the last 2 hrs – got it for a little bit and uploaded a few pictures, then it stopped working.  My phone can’t connect, and kim’s is having intermittent issues as well.  So, I’m writing this entry in notepad and will hopefully get the opportunity to upload it tomorrow.