Arctic Adventure Day #7

Or goal was to be out of bed by 7a this morning, but we forgot to set an alarm, so it was more like 7:30 or so. We took quick shower, and then we were off to the Icefields Parkway.

We saw lots of glaciers!

And waterfalls too!

At the Columbia Icefields, we stopped at the chalet to see if we could book a ride out onto the glacier, but they were sold out until 4p and it wasn’t even noon yet. Need to plan in advance next time.

We did learn that the “snow dome” that makes up these glaciers eventually runs off into the Pacific (Columbia River), Arctic (Mackenzie River), and Atlantic (Saskatchewan River) Oceans.

More snow pictures.

Once we arrived in Jasper, we started heading east to our campground. On this short stretch of road, we saw elk, Rocky mountain sheep, and bighorn sheep. Kim took pictures with her phone, but apparently the app I used to transfer files requires a data connection… Back to the drawing board I guess.

We got checked into our campsite and we were not going to put out the awning, but then it started to rain… That is why the car is in kind of a funky spot.

We bought a fire permit, which gets you all the wet wood you could possibly burn during your stay.

Cooked some brats over the fire.

They finished just in time for the rain to start again, so we ate dinner under our awning.

Sunrise and sunset are going the wrong way! I guess we are not heading north faster than the days are getting shorter. That should change real soon!


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