Arctic Adventure Day #2

Not much to talk about today…I should have taken pictures of our bacon and egg breakfast. It was a little cool in the tent last night – our double sleeping bag had a summer side and a winter side and we were set up for summer. The outside air temperature was in the low 50s, see we will be using the winter side from now on!

It rained most of the time during the drive, so we didn’t stop much – once for a Diet Coke in the morning, and another time to grab a quick sandwich for lunch. This was the exact same route that I did last year, and didn’t have much to say then either –

I did take a picture of Tundra looking over the Clark Fork River at lunch.

As you can see looking at the water, it is starting to rain again.

To get the full effect, here is a 10 second video during drive today.

Once we arrived at Flathead Lake, we quickly checked into our hotel room and ran off to a pizza dinner with the family. Afterwards, we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few supplies, visited Kim’s sister for a little bit, then it was off to bed.

Weather on the 4th is supposed to be much better! Hopefully the rain is done.


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