Glacier – Banff – Jasper Day #3

Well, we wanted to get an early start today, so of course we didn’t get out until 9a again. I figure this is like starting an hour earlier than yesterday because we are one timezone earlier.

We were camped very near the park entrance, so it didn’t take us very long to get into the park. Our first stop was an overlook at Avalanche Creek.

A little further on, there was a roadside exhibit about avalanche chutes. The hillside the exhibit referenced was kinda meh, but across the way there was a cool little waterfall.

After that point, we did not stop for pictures until we got to the top of Logan Pass – there was just enough smoke in the air too ruin them. Even so, there were a ton of people on the road. When we got to the parking area for the visitor center, it was full, with lots of people looping around. We were saved by this sign!

We walked through the visitor center. There really wasn’t much more than a gift shop on the inside. We went outside and looked around for a bit. There were tons of these little guys everywhere.

We didn’t want to go for a longer walk, but I took a picture of the trail. I underexposed the picture a bit – seemed to help get rid of the smoke.

From Logan Pass, we descended into St Mary. The smoke was way worse in this direction. We stopped at the St Mary Lodge for some lunch, and the hostess said that there was a new fire nearby.

For lunch, we both had bison cheeseburgers.

However, we both had issues with the bison burgers… had to make an emergency pitstop at Canadian customs… The bison wanted to run away 🙂

From the border we crossed into Waterton National Park. It was pretty interesting – you start in a high plains area, and then, all of the sudden, there are mountains. We decided to head straight to Crandell campground to nail down a site.

The smoke isn’t too bad up here, it kind of comes and goes.

The campground is located along a river at the bottom of a valley. There are over 100 sites here, but they do a good job of keeping them fairly private (except for the one they have us… We can see the back of a camper). It’s been fairly windy, making it a little tough to get the tents set up… All of the guylines are deployed.

We had a deer walk through our campsite right after we arrived! My camera was still in my tank bag and she walked between me and the bike.

That is not the only wildlife here. There are bear lockers at all of the sites and signs everywhere warning about bears – just like any other national park. However, a bear left a present on the path that goes between our area of the campground and the washrooms (have to use the Canadian term since we are in Canada 🙂 )

Our site is also near the river. There drinking water tasted like it was coming out of a hose, so we walked down to get river water (which we purified ourselves).

Tomorrow we head north to Banff, and our hotel at Lake Louise.  We are going through the park South of Banff, so I figure it’ll be about a 6 hour ride. I think we will probably pull off the road during the eclipse… Don’t want to worry about distracted drivers. If we find a good spot, we may even pull out our eclipse glasses and watch.



  1. Use the dehaze filter in Lightroom to punch colors out when you are editing. That will help with the smoke.

    Love all the photos and the stories (minus the bison burger?!?). Hope you are having a great time!!

    1. Yeah, the filter can only do so much… I won’t do any photo editing until I get home. The blog photos are all just untouched jpegs straight off the camera.

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