Glacier – Banff – Jasper Day #2

Slept very well in the tent last night… The campground was a bit noisy until 11p or so, but fine after that. Woke up around 5a and read for a bit (“Beneath A Scarlett Sky: A Novel”).  We took our time breaking camp and didn’t actually hit the road until 9a.
We went down a couple of very cool roads right of the bat – Addy Gifford Road and Flowery Trail Road.

Didn’t get a ton of pictures today, but always manage to get one of my bike… This is at a park just past the Idaho border in Oldtown.

We stopped to visit my wife’s uncle at their place on Flathead Lake. Did not stay for very long… We got in a bit later than I expected, mostly because I forgot about the time change. We did sit out on the deck, drink a Coke, and enjoyed the view.

We finally pulled into our site at Timber Wolf Resort around 7p. They have rules about food storage and garbage to keep from attracting bears. This made is really excited to eat at our campsite… Fortunately they had s gazebo area far away from our tents. Nothing like beef jerky and peanuts for dinner, YUM!

After eating, we finally made it back to start setting up our tents as it was getting dark.

Tomorrow we are off to Glacier and Waterton… Hopefully will get more pictures.



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