Miles Total: 1286
Miles Today: 97

Today we slept in – our goal was to figure out how we’d like to continue the trip. We officially decided that finishing the BDR isn’t going to happen this time for various reasons. We’ve had a great trip up to this point, and we can still get some nice pavement in before heading home.  We’ve arranged to stay with my daughter in Pullman this weekend, and then we’ll probably make our way home after that.

Here is our campsite at the Powell Campground last night.


We took a stroll down to the river to check it out, it was pretty neat.


We decided to ride to Lolo for lunch and then make our plan for the afternoon ride/campground. On our way to Lolo, my dad decided he wanted a hamburger for lunch. We cruised through Lolo and didn’t see any good candidates, so we continued on to Missoula which was 8 miles further up the road.

The first task in Missoula was to find gas before my dad’s bike went dry again, after driving all the way through town with no luck, we finally gave up and did a search on the GPS. My dad really wanted a Red Robin burger, and he found a Red Robin in his GPS – we still had issues finding it. After driving all around a mall, we were about to give up when we spotted it.

At lunch, we decided that we would head back to the same campground as last night. That would put us in striking distance of Pullman and to allow us to go south for a bit on highway 95 which has some cool areas south of Lewiston.

On our way out of Missoula, we got caught in the traffic jam from hell. There was road construction between Missoula and Lolo and the light timing in town kinda sucked. It was a move 10 feet forward and turn off the motorcycle for a bit. We were in that mess for about 45 minutes.

I was leading the way back when I spotted a sign for the Lolo Creek Campground. I missed the turn, but called back to my dad to pull in and check it out. I went down the road a bit, turned around and missed the turn AGAIN!

I turned out that there was a good spot for us, so we decided to spend the night here.


Tomorrow we’ll start making our way to Pullman. The Lolo Corridor section of highway 12 should be a spectacular ride. If we have time, we’ll head south on 13 to Grangeville. We’ll try and make a loop out of Old 95/White Bird and the new highway 95. Lots of twisties!


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