Miles Total: 1087
Miles Today: 191

Got up this morning and it was cold, cold, cold! 26 degrees was the low last night. Here is the proof – notice the frost on the windshield.


Here is a picture of the whole bike with frost on it.


We got all packed up and ready to go. It was still below freezing, so I got out all of my heated gear and hooked up the controller. I went to start the bike, and it wouldn’t start! The engine was turning over, just not starting. This is a known issue with the model year for my bike – I believe you need to bug the shop about it and they will swap out the battery wires to something bigger. The solution in the field is to wait until the bike warms up enough to start. We tried doing that, but I was a bit impatient and ended up killing the battery with all of my start attempts. No problem – my dad has a jumpstart battery with him. We pulled it out and it wasn’t charged! Fortunately we were staying at a campground and found some help with jumper cables.

Now we had a dilemma – our next camp was likely to be very remote at high altitude, so it would be cold and we would not be passing through any towns. We elected to slab it out to town to buy some jumper cables, and then head down to Pierce on pavement to make up for the time we lost. I have to admit I was very grumpy until we stopped for lunch…

We stopped at a park in Boville for lunch. Had my usual jerky and nuts that I picked up from a gas station. Made a quick call to my wonderful wife who gave me a bit of a pep talk which made some of my grumpiness go away.


The pavement route really wasn’t that bad – we had a couple of nice twisty roads. One thing you need to remember – if you have a small fuel tank, you have to pay attention to the gas stations, otherwise you’ll be filling your tank from backup bottles.


After our little fuel stop, we cruised into Orofino to an actual gas station and filled up both bikes (plus the spare bottles). The goal for tonight was one of a couple of campsites just short of Pierce – they only showed up on one map and not the GPS, so we were a bit nervous.

The first site we looked at turned out pretty nice, so we are staying here (Campbell Ponds).


Tomorrow we are going to do the Lolo Motorway!


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