Miles Total: 896
Miles Today: 198

We start the Idaho BDR today! Starting in Bonners Ferry, we woke up in our hotel room to a cold foggy morning.


So, we went and got some breakfast from the hotel restaurant, but things didn’t really warm up or clear. The plan was to head down to Clark Fork and skip most of section 8, before heading south into Wallace. Since this was quite a bit of highway riding, decided to put on my heated jacket.

It was my turn to be an idiot when starting today. We got down the road and my heated gear was having an issue, so I pulled over to reset the controller. After moving on again, I realized that I hadn’t strapped my helmet…had to pull over to fix it.

We fueled up in Clark Fork and I pulled my bike forward from the pump so I could go into the store and buy some snacks. As I was taking my gloves off, the bike started to fall over – not sure if it was too steep of a slope…Fortunately I was right there to catch it.

Just out of Clark Fork, a couple of whitetail deer jumped out in front of me and ran along side for a bit. They were tiny, which is probably good for them because there were hunters everywhere today.

The ride to Wallace was not as scenic as the other days up to this point, mostly a ride through the forest. We did go along a cool ridge, and along a couple of creeks, but those sections didn’t last for very long.

We stopped for lunch at the top of a ridge.


There were hunters everywhere along here. Every wide spot had a truck or a camp set up.


Random rest stop before we got to Wallace.


The road south of Wallace had much better views. We spent quite a bit of time following along a river. We made it most of the way to the town of Avery and are staying in the Telichipah campground. We couldn’t find a single site that could accommodate two hammocks, so we each took our own.

Here is my spot.


Here is my dad’s.


My hands are getting cold – it is already in the low 40s, I think it is gonna be a cold one tonight!


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