Miles total: 698
Miles today: 0

Rest day today – just a short post. Still only slept in until 7:15a. We hung out in the hotel for a bit this morning before heading over to the restaurant for brunch. We had 1/2 off coupons for the Sunday Brunch Buffet.


After breakfast, we reinstalled the steering stabilizer on my dad’s bike. Took us just over an hour. In this picture, you can see the blue loctite oozing up from the fasteners that were causing the issue.


Once the stabilizer was installed, it was time to go inside and watch the Seahawks game. While the game was going, it rained a bit, so we picked a good day to skip riding. The Seahawks come up with a last second win as a bonus!

We spent some time planning our ride tomorrow. We are just going to cruise down to Clark Fork and head into section 7 of the Idaho BDR. The dirt section just north of Clark Fork has some washouts that are supposed to be manageable but may require walking the bike through. Don’t really feel like dealing with that. The northern most part of section 8 doesn’t look too exciting – we’ve already been to the Canadian border on this trip. There is a campground between Wallace and Avery that we’d like to make – we’ll see how things go.


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