Camping dry run before NWP/IDBDR

Well, it has been just over two years since my last post. It has been hard to write anything up after the epic Alaska adventure as everything since then just seems trivial. In September I’m going to embark on as new motorcycle adventure doing the Northwest Passage Route over to the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route. I’ll save the details of the route for a future post. This particular trip is a quick overnighter to test out new camping gear and motorcycle configuration.

The planned route was to travel from the Eastside down to Enumclaw, take highway 410 over Chinook Pass, and then take highway 12 back across White Pass before heading north again. We camped near the top of white pass.

We stopped at the first scenic outlook on 410, but there was really only a peekaboo view of Mount Rainier. But it did make an excellent opportunity to get a picture of the bikes.

There was also a sign that went into detail on the Mather Memorial Parkway.

As we cruised further down the road, we came to a lookout that had a much better view of the mountain with white river in the foreground.

One of the most scenic parts of the ride today was going over Chinook Pass. Of course, I don’t have any photos to show for it. I should have some pretty cool video, but I’m writing this up at the campsite right now and don’t have a good way to access them.
After cresting Chinook Pass, we cruised along a small river for a bit before pulling into a small campground for a rest break. It was nice to give our butts a little bit of a rest. I took it as another opportunity for some bike pictures.

Also managed to get a picture of the stream next to the campground.

We ride up to the top of White Pass to check out the campground at the summit. It was ok, but not great, so we backtracked a little to the Dog Lake Campground.

we found a site that could accommodate two hammocks, and got all set up!


A picture of the lake

So, how are the experimental things working out so far? Kind of mixed…

I’m using a galaxy tab 2 to process my media and author this blog post. I’m encountering way to many issues and will likely go back to using my surface pro.

I tried using a small Sawyer squeeze filter to purify water and it was way too slow, I’ll be bringing my pump along for the actual trip.

The wolfman soft luggage seems to be working great and the bottle holsters are nice – keeps the water (and my cg lower). I do need to rethink how my stuff is organized in the panniers.

That’s about it for now…


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