Alaska Ride – June 21st – Day #27

Pretty short post today…

The heater in our room was stuck on, so it got really hot. We ended up sleeping with the window open all night. The only nights I have been too hot on this trip.

Our weather luck finally ran out. It was raining outside. We loaded up the motorcycles and started to head home! Of course it is going to take 9 or 10 days to get there…The ride today was not a ton of fun – it was raining for about 3/4 of it, so no good views and we’ve been on a chunk of this road 4 or 5 times with my tire fiasco. The one cool thing we did see – a moose was running along side the road, and it was hauling ass. Couldn’t believe how fast it was running. Went to hit the save button on my video camera, and it hung. Argh!

We are staying at the Eagle River Campground again, in a different site this time. When we pulled in, I noticed that my left driving light was coming a bit loose, so I spent some time pulling it off and using Goop for thread locker. Tightened everything back up, and it looks good! The old man changed the prefilter on his air intake, the old one was still in pretty good shape, so I’m not going to worry about mine (I have to totally disassemble the bike to get at the air filter).

No pictures today…no good views with all the crappy weather and I forgot to take pictures while I was working on the bike :(. Tomorrow should be different – we are heading down the Glenn Highway to Tok, which is supposed to be a great ride. Hopefully we are done with the rain!


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