Alaska Ride – June 19th – Day #25

Woke up in our stinky room – smoking rooms suck. We quickly dressed and went out to breakfast at ihop. After we finished up, it was off to get my tire installed.

We showed up at the motorcycle dealer, and they had the shop door open waiting for me. They got right on the tire and it took 1/2 hr max to get it installed. Then we hit Fred Meyer for some supplies – we need lunch for the halibut fishing trip tomorrow.

We drove the 2 hours back to the Harley Dealer, and picked up some beer for the guys along the way. Once we were back at the shop, it was time to mount the tire. There is a spacer between the wheel and the brake caliper mount that was a bitch to get in. We eventually did it though. Then it was time to pack the bike.

I also had to get the rental car back to the airport (and then back to the HD dealer). Turns out they needed to pick up a bike near the airport, so I drove the rental car to the airport to return it, and the truck swung by and brought me back (did I mention these guys rock?)

Now it was time to go. Got all geared up and said good bye to all the guys at the dealer. Did a couple of laps around the parking lot to test out the rear brake. Once I decided all was well, it was time to head off to Homer.

Dropping into Homer is really cool. You approach on a downhill toward the town. You can see the spit with mountains and glaciers as a backdrop. Even after all of the mountains we’ve seen on the trip, this was still one of the coolest views.

We checked into the hotel with no issues. Once we get the bikes unloaded and our gear in our rooms, it was time to head out to dinner – we haven’t had any food since breakfast! We ate at the restaurant in the hotel, which had some spectacular views of the mountains and people fishing on the spit. We even had a Bald Eagle buzz by and land on the roof just above us.

Mountain views from the restaurant.


Zoom in on the glacier


More mountain views.


This dinner was our “end of the road” celebration. Once we leave Homer, we are officially on our way home. There are still some cool adventures we haven’t done yet, but every mile we travel is a mile closer to home. So, I splurged for dinner and got King Crab legs.


And Chocolate Lave Cake for dessert.


after dinner, we walked down the spit to find the halibut charter office. We found it, and it seems to be about a 15 minute walk away. We chatted with the ladies working the desk – our check in time is at 7:30a tomorrow morning. The limit is 2 halibut, and one of them must be less than 29” long.

On the way back to our room, we walked along the marina


Back at the room, my dad booked us a ferry for part of the trip back. We’ll be going from Haines to Price Rupert via ferry. We may take the Prince Rupert to Port Hardy ferry after that, or we may just ride home from Prince Rupert, we’ll probably decide on the fly. Given the ferry dates, we should be getting home on June 30th or July 1st.


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