Alaska Ride – June 17th – Day #23

Got out of bed to sunny blue skies this morning. Don’t know why everyone complains about Alaska being so rainy. While I was washing my hands in the bathroom, another camper comes up to me and asks if I expected it to be so cold here (it may have been below 50F last night, but I doubt it). I told him I expected it to be way colder, and that we had run into several days of sub freezing temperatures when we were in BC. He was very surprised and wanted to know if I had a good sleeping bag. Well, it turns out he was from Orlando…

Started the bike up and the plug I put in the rear tire seemed to be holding, so we were off on another day of endless mountains. Our ride was sandwiched between two mountain ranges covered in snow. Our first rest stop was at a Denali Viewpoint.


The Alaska highways seem to have lots of viewpoints that have had trees grow up to block the view. This one was no exception, we did manage some peak-a-boo views of the mountain!


And from a slightly different angle.


Stopped for lunch in Wasilla – no Sarah Palin sightings though.

We cruised on down to the Eagle River Campground and set up our camp (I was lame and didn’t get a picture of our site). The guy in the site next to us brought us a couple of drinks – maple finished whiskey. He was in the process of bringing his boat down to homer for the summer, and invited us out if we are around for a bit. I nabbed his contact info, just in case.


Not much else going on at the campsite, just worked on some photo/blog stuff and went to bed. On to Homer tomorrow!


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