Alaska Ride – June 12th – day #18

Rest day today! Woke up around 8a and hung out in my sleeping bag reading. Once I finally got out of the tent, it looked like it might rain. So, we set up one of the tarps over the picnic table to give us a place to hang out. The rain never materialized, but it started to get pretty windy. My dad has a second tarp that he uses to cover his motorcycle at night. We set that one up as a wind break.IMG_0458

Oh yeah, we also bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies. One cannot properly rest with out goodies to snack on…IMG_0459

With the wind break set up, I spent some time repairing my sleeping bag using the supplies I purchased at walmart the other day. My gut reaction as a guy was to just use the duct tape, but that will leave a sticky residue on everything when I get it fixed at home. The next thought was to use the needle and thread to sew it up, but I got a D in home ec in junior high, so probably not a good choice. I finally settled on buttoning things up with safety pins! It took a while and I only poked myself once, but the repair is good!DSC03309

Later on in the day, it was time to crawl into my tent and read some more…and maybe I took a short nap. When I was done slee…um, reading. We went up to the porch area to discuss our go home plan.

Why discuss the going home plan when we aren’t even to Alaska yet? Well, one of the options is to take the ferry back and people we’ve spoken with have said that they are pretty full. We used the very marginal internet here to investigate the availability. It doesn’t look like the ferry option is going to work out – we’ll check again when we have better internet and maybe make some phone calls.

We also discussed our trip down to Homer. The main reason to go down is to take a halibut charter. We’ve both been on charter boats before, so we aren’t sure it is worth the two days to get there. Instead, we may try to find a fly fishing guide to take us out to catch a grayling.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Alaska! That means I can use my wifi hotspot again (if we have coverage)!


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