Alaska Ride – June 5th – Day #11

Today was our first rest day. We did not ride the bikes at all today, just did some chores and walked around Dawson City. The first task of the day was to do laundry.


I needed to get the laundry done so I could have clean clothes to put on after I took a shower. Of course the clothes I was wearing didn’t get washed, so I brought them in the shower with me and washed them by hand. Put another $1 in the drier and all my clothes were clean! I also managed to get some shampoo and ditch that other stuff that I was using.

We spent some time walking around the waterfront. You have to take a ferry to get across the river and continue on to Alaska, we watched it go back and forth for a bit.


We checked back in at the info centers to get the latest updates on the Dempster. Everything sounds good. There is a card lock gas station at the start of the Dempster (there used to be a resort there that burned down). The lady at the info center called the owner and verified that our non-chipped credit cards will work. We did all of our fuel range planning from Dawson City, so being able to top off our tanks after 25 miles will add a bit more buffer to our calculations.

The weather is improving over the next week, so we are good to start for tomorrow. Although it is raining outside right now. We’ll make the final call in the morning based on the weather.

We purchased our fishing licenses, so now we can legally fish at all the streams we ride by and never stop at. Maybe we’ll have a bit more incentive to stop now, although I’m not sure how excited I am about getting fish smell on me while I’m tent camping in Grizzly country.

Stopped at the hardware store to pick up a screw to replace the one I busted yesterday. Fixed that up, and then opened my top box to find out that it leaked as well. Now my passport is all wet. I shouldn’t have to use it though, my passport card should be good enough. I need to figure out why the panniers are leaking – i may have them too full so I’m not getting a good seal around the top. I’m a bit disappointed since these cost double compared to the panniers I sold with my KLR.

For dinner we hit the downtown hotel. They had an awesome guy on the piano for entertainment while we ate. At 9p, they started serving up the sour toe cocktail. We watched for a bit, but I weenied out. Maybe on our way back through. I did get a picture of the official human toe though…


This will probably be the last entry for a few days. I don’t think I’ll have an internet connection until we get back to Dawson City in four or five days. It’s going to be a little scary, but a lot of fun!


  1. I think you need more preparation. You can’t just start off with the toe. Have a few whiskey and 7’s, then go for the straight whiskey, then go for the toe. The human toe…

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