Alaska Ride – June 1st – Day #7

It was another cold one last night (28F)!  I had an extra layer of long underwear and my hat on, so it didn’t bother me – It surprised me that the temperature was so cold. This is getting down to the lower limit of my sleeping bag. I’m starting to wonder if I should have brought my expedition bag instead (rated to –20F).

The ride today was just as terrific as yesterday. Lots of huge mountain views, some of the lakes still had a bit of ice on them, and lots of water in all the creeks and rivers. The weather has been great, had a beautiful sunny day today. The road required a bit more attention today. It gets a bit narrower and there aren’t any shoulders to speak of. The condition of the road deteriorated a bit too, with potholes here and there. The BC highway guys do a good job of marking them with little signs.


My dad stopped chatting on the intercom for quite some time, so I figure he must be getting tired (normally I can’t get him to shut up). We pulled over in a turn out for a short safety break. No picnic tables here, so we put my bike up on the center stand and used the top box as a table to make some coffee.


While my dad was resting I pulled out my point and shoot camera and got a picture of this cool little bird.


Speaking of resting…


At the north end of the highway we finally make it to Yukon! My dad took this picture of me…after this, we set my camera up on a tripod to get a shot with both of us and my battery died. We did get one with his camera, I just don’t have a copy. IMG_0298

You can ride your bike up to the sign, but you have climb a steep little hill (well it looked like you could go 1/2 mile back up the road and cheat). I decided that I didn’t want to pick my bike up two days in a row, so I passed. My dad threatened to do it, but I told him that I promised the family back home that I wouldn’t let him get hurt.

In Watson Lake, we visited the famous sign post forest. My dad wanted to make a sign to leave, but we just were too busy packing and preparing for the trip. The visitor center right next door had some cool exhibits detailing the construction of the Alaska Highway.


We wanted to stay at the RV park in downtown Watson Lake, but they don’t have tent spots. This forced us to move down the road a bit to Baby Nugget RV park. The old man thought he was cool by weaving through the trees while we scouted out the tent area. And then it happened. This time the “pulling into the campsite curse” got him – the bike hung up on a root and he dropped it. To make things more interesting, he has a cramp buster on his throttle that jammed into the tree and proceeded to take the bike to full throttle. Well, eventually he got the bike shut down and everything was ok. I was a nice son and did not take any pictures of him on the ground…

The tent sites at the RV park are ok – they are away from the RVs, but there are tons of roots (glad I have a sleeping pad). The showers are very nice, but short. I brought along Sea to Summit Trek & Travel Shampoo and Soap – they are these little “leaves” that you get wet and then apply. Well, they suck (at least for me). We’ll stop in Whitehorse tomorrow to resupply and I’m gonna dump these and just get a sample size of some shampoo and soap.




  1. You might want to camp on the shores of Kluane Lake. I haven’t been down the Alcan for a decade but there was a campground on the North or Western side of the lake and it had great tent sites right on the water..also back then showers were pretty good to.

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