Alaska Ride – May 27th – Day #2

It seems like tradition…every time we start an adventure ride, the first campground always seems to be right next to busy train tracks. Last night was no exception. In fact, I felt like we pitched our tents underneath a train trestle and the engineers liked to hit the horn to say hi as they passed. Needless to say I don’t think I’d recommend Larrabee State Park as a campground.

We both got up earlier than we expected – the plan was up at 6a and on the road by 8a. I was awake at 4:30a, and finally gave up and got out of bed around 5:30a. Fired up the Jetboil to make some quick oatmeal and hot chocolate.


The plan was to leave by 8a. There I was in full gear ready to go, and the old man is repacking his bike again, and again, and again. First he forgot to take the light out of his tent, and had to unpack/repack. Then after he had his dry bag all buttoned  up, he realized he did not put his camp chair away. Finally, he started getting his gear on (like his riding boots), when he realized the shoes he had on needed to be packed as well. Needless to say, we did not make our 8a departure time.

Finally we were off! The border crossing was mostly a no-brainer. My passport card was a little dirty, but the nice lady at the border cleaned it up for me. I had to declare my bear spray and then we were good to go.

The cool part of today’s ride was going up the Frasier River Valley. Lots of steep cliffs with cool waterfalls. The river itself is raging with the spring runoff. Some of the hills still had snowcaps on top. We never found a good spot to get a waterfall picture, but did get a nice picture of the bikes (and some snow) at a rest area.

DSC02945 DSC02949

As you leave the Frasier River Valley, the hills become more rounded, and there is less brush between the trees. After awhile, the trees disappear entirely and you are riding through sagebrush for a bit. Then a little later on, all the trees come back again.

Up to this point, we’d been doing really well weather-wise. It had been mostly sunny for the trip, and we kept missing passing showers. We were riding along and the temperature starts to drop rapidly…it end up going down 15 degrees in a very short period of time. There was evidence of a hail storm along the sides of the road, and the roadway was wet. We passed a truck, and the spray made my windscreen so dirty that my vision was obscured (I swapped out my windscreen right before we left to a taller one that I have to look through when I ride). It isn’t raining, so it isn’t getting cleaned as I’m going along! I found that if I sat up tall, I could see over the top. Eventually we did hit some rain that cleared it up.

We decided to stop for dinner right before we arrived at our campsite. Figure that we want to conserve our freeze dried food for as long as possible so we don’t have to worry about restocking it. We stopped at a cool little restaurant that was clumped in with a gas station. Had a burger for dinner and awesome apple crisp for dessert.IMG_0204

We stopped for the night at Loc La Hoche Provincial park for the night. Put in 304 miles today, and it was a bit on the long side. Our original plan was to take two days to get to Stewart from here. We did some re-planning and are now going to take three. Here is a picture of our campsite for the night.DSC02957

Not sure when I’ll be able to upload this. We had good luck with WiFi today, both our lunch and dinner stops had free access. Hopefully, I can find the same tomorrow!



  1. Scott, saw this link on the Microsoft DL, and timely as I just picked up an 1190R. Have a great trip and will have fun watching your progress.

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