Alaska Ride – May 26th – Day #1

We are on the road! We started the day out with a barbeque at my house so some of our friends and family could check out the bikes and the route we plan on taking. It was lots of fun talking about the bikes and equipment we are bringing. We had a big map printed from Garmin Basecamp up on a wall, so people could see our route.


Of course leaving was far from uneventful. First off, our headsets were not connecting. With the pressure of everyone waiting for us to leave, we gave up and used a cell phone connection to talk. I also tried riding off without one of my cameras (one of the guests was taking pictures as I was getting on the bike).  My Dad forgot to turn on his InReach, so we pulled over about 5 miles after leaving  so he could get it set up.

The ride was short (about 85 miles) and uneventful. We cruised up Highway 9 to miss the holiday traffic. Once we were north of Everett, we cut over to I5 and then Chuckanut drive. We are staying at Larrabee State Park tonight. There are showers in the forecast tonight, so we set up our tarps (ok, we are just geeks and wanted to play with our tarps). Tomorrow we are up early and heading into Canada.


The bikes are pretty heavy when trying to muscle them around parking, but once you are moving on the road, the go without any problems.

I verified that the Spotwalla and Delorme tracking sites are working, so follow along!



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