Alaska – Packing (and Repacking)


I spent Friday afternoon packing, unpacking, and packing everything again. I’ve got an Access database that I’m using to track every item that I’m bringing and its location on the motorcycle. I feel like I have way too much stuff, but I’m not sure what I would leave behind at this point. I am bringing a fly rod and a spinning rod for fishing, I suppose I could ditch one of those. I also have a tarp and poles to put up while camping on those rainy days. That would clear up a little space, but not enough to make a significant difference. Here is a picture of my latest inventory (everyone who’s seen this can’t believe I can fit it all…)


As part of this process, I’ve also decided to move my tools from my top box into the bottom of one of my side panniers. My original thought was the top box will be the least accessible piece of luggage because I will have my spare gas cans strapped to it. Seemed like a good fit since I (hopefully) won’t need to get at my toolkit very often. Well, my tools are some of the heavier items that I am carrying and I’d rather carry that weight down low.

I also set up a Permethrin lab in my garage. I purchased some of the Exofficio Bugs Away clothing, but wanted to treat my motorcycle socks, and a couple of other items.


I ended up treating my camp chair, tent, an extra shirt, all of my motorcycle socks, and the collar of my motorcycle jacket. Hopefully the stuff works as good as the REI guy said (I read some other reviews as well).

Used up enough time for this entry! Time to go pack everything up again!


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