Manatees at Blue Springs State Park

We moved on from Wekiwa Springs State Park to go look at the Manatees. I’ve never seen a Manatee before and was told that most viewing locations you get to see a couple of blobs under the water which occasionally surface for air, at which point you can see their noses.

Blue Springs State Park is the exception to the rule. When the weather turns cold, the manatees move into the spring in large numbers to warm up. The spring water is crystal clear, so you can get a good view at large numbers of them. Unfortunately I left my circular polarizer at home, so some of the pictures have a bit of glare.

The springs also contain a large number of fish species as well. I believe this one is a Florida Gar.


Manatee feeding on the bottom.


There were all kinds of cool trees with moss hanging off of them. This is a shot with a manatee underneath.


Momma and her baby (and a couple of other fish).


at the park there was a blacksmith making various trinkets. He didn’t like me because I was wearing my Seahawks gear and he is a 49er fan.


Heating up the rods so they can be bent. He was making triangle dinner bells while we were there.


Tools for getting the job done.


After watching the blacksmith, we looked at manatees some more. As you can see, there were quite a few there. They do a count every day and the day we visited the count was around 220, which is a bit on the low side.


More fish, I think these are Tilapia.


A manatee kiss


Ok, this wasn’t at Blue Springs, but the next campground we stayed. He was hanging out right outside the RV door.


Also took a short video of the Manatees.


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