Wekiwa Springs Kayak Trip

Well, it has been quite some time since I last updated my blog. For once, it is because I haven’t really been doing anything worth posting. That has changed this week as I’ve flown to Florida for a week to hang out with my parents in their RV.

Our first adventure on this trip was a kayak trip through Wekiwa Springs State park.My mom and dad did a bit of research before I arrived to determine the best drop off/pickup locations for the run. Since I had a rental car (and they towed their Jeep), we had two vehicles to set up for the drift (and didn’t have to deal with paying someone for a pickup).

The trip begins at King’s Landing…


My kayak is an inflatable, so my mom and dad handled all of the vehicle logistics while I set my boat up. Here are the kayaks rigged and ready to go. In the background is the little shop at the King’s Landing launch…doesn’t really look like a castle Smile


Took a picture of the launch while killing time for the car swap to be completed.


Looks like there will be gators on the float.


First gator of the trip!


Still waiting to start…a hawk was hanging out and let me get pretty close for a picture.


We finally started! There is a small waterway from the launch out to the river.


The river itself was very narrow, and had lily pads up and down the sides. Looks like a good place for a gator to hide.


The early part of the river is outside the state park and there are many run down houses and docks along the waterway. I was waiting for some spooky banjo music, but it never started.


There were tons of turtles along the float. Many of them had cool orange or yellow on the bottom.


A wide angle shot of the river as we enter the state park…you can see the entrance sign on the left. The river really never widened more than this.


Went past a small group of American White Ibis.


We would occasionally have to go underneath large branches or trees. This one looked like a big hand reaching across the river.


The first real gator! We almost went right by him. I bet you go past ten of them for every one that you see.


Drifted up pretty close to some Black Vultures. There are two of them in the picture if you look closely.


Close up of a Black Vulture.


Another shot that does a good job showing the feel of the river.


A bigger gator hiding in the weeds.


Near the end of our float, a Great Blue Heron posed for us.


One final gator on the trip…nice smile!


The river was so shallow that I could not use the skeg on my kayak. This made it tough to track straight or to zip through the twisties. So, I expended a bit more energy than I would have expected for a 9 mile float. I’d still do it again though!



  1. Reblogged this on Linda & Charles BLOG and commented:
    I haven’t posted any Blog entries since Scott arrived. Been too busy having fun. I have lots of tales of woe to tell, but many more tales of fun. It is an adventure for sure this time, just the way we like it. Scott managed to post an entry on his blog while waiting for the motorhome repair. But I am getting ahead of myself.

  2. Some awesome photos in there – especially love the one of the gator stretched out and smiling. That looks like an incredible place to kayak and it seemed like you were weaving through the jungle. Very cool!! (And glad that you didn’t hear the banjo music *creepy* or get chomped by a gator)

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