RV Trip to Disneyland!

It’s spring break time, and the girls decided that we should go to Disneyland in the RV. So, as soon as the kids came home from school today, we jumped into the RV and headed south. Both kids are bringing friends, so there are going to be a whole lot of women on this trip – two pre-teens, two teenagers, and a wife Smile. At least they let me listen to the baseball game on the drive tonight.

The traffic was nasty, and it was pouring down rain. Of course, I can’t go on an RV trip without something breaking, and this was no exception. The driver side windshield wiper started to move lower and wider. When I pulled over at a rest area, the nut holding the wiper on was very loose. After fiddling with it a bit (I had to cut away a rubber boot), I got things tightened up and working again.

We are camping out at a rest area tonight, hoping to get an early start on the day tomorrow so we can make some good progress. I did get a couple of pictures before bed:



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