Walking around ASU

Spent the day walking around the ASU campus, getting a quick preview in case my oldest daughter Melissa decides to attend the school next year.

There is a big A on the hillside.


Walked by the football stadium.  They have it locked up tight, so I couldn’t get any pictures of the inside and had to settle for the big sign outside.


The UA/ASU basketball game was today, so there were tons of people around.  I should have picked up a ticket and watched.  Here is a picture of the arena:


The school itself was pretty nice – lots of open “mall” areas through the buildings.


There are orange trees all over campus.  Student volunteers harvest the oranges and send them out to get juiced.  The juice is returned and sold on campus.


Horses outside the business school.


Of course I had to hike up to the A.  Here is the trail map.


The “A”


continued to the very top…The river is dammed to create a small lake in town.


campus from the top of the hill.


and the most important message of all.



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