Goodbye Maui!

Thanksgiving day, we joined a couple of our friends on a snorkel tour that they had arranged on a catamaran.  The boat came right up onto the beach for us to climb aboard.  There was a bit of a swell, so the crew helped people time their runs up the stairs to minimize the amount that everyone got wet.


On our way out to the snorkeling area, we found out that we had a snuba option available.  Snuba consists of using a regulator for breathing while your air tank floats in a raft above your head.  The max depth you can go down is about 20’.  Kim and I are both certified divers and thought this would be a great way to get the kids an intro to diving (and they were both super excited to give it a try).

So we get all harnessed up and jump in the water.  I paired up with Taylor and Kim is paired up with Melissa.  Taylor practiced breathing through the regulator a bit by just putting her face in the water and she was ready to go!  We start to hang out a couple of feet under our float and I turn on my camera – it decides to not turn on!  Bummer – I could have taken some great videos!  Our dive lasted about 30 minutes and then we went’ back to the boat.  We mostly saw the same fish as when snorkeling.  Back at the boat, I did get a picture of the second group to show snuba from the surface.


It turns out the outlet that I used to charge the camera battery was on a light switch, and the switch was turned off.  So the camera malfunction was simply a dead battery.  I had a spare back on the boat too…

After getting cleaned up from our activities, we were off to Leilani’s for Thanksgiving dinner with a big group of friends.  I had a most excellent prime rib for dinner.

I have to admit that Friday was a bit of a lazy day.  I spent most of the day watching the mighty Washington State Cougars crush the pitiful Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup.  After sending several text messages to certain family members to make sure that the knew the result of the game, we headed out for a short dinner cruise.

Our cruise dinner turned out to be prime rib (again – had I known, I would have had something different the night before).  The boat ride was pretty laid back – we watched for whales, but it is still a bit early for them to be around, so we saw none.

Saturday was pretty much a get up, pack, and fly home day.  Overall it was a great trip, and would definitely go back to Maui again.


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