Glow in the Dark Mini Golf and the Beach

It has been a pretty laid back couple of days on Maui so far.  I did manage to get in a short run – I’d like to get in 3 or 4 total to help keep from gaining tons of weight while I’m here.  I’m also contemplating doing a 1/2 marathon in the January timeframe (Rock and Roll Arizona), so the runs will be a good way to kick off the training.

Spent some time in Lahaina, walking around.  The number of shops that are closed is pretty amazing.  Once you get off Front street, I’d bet 80% of the shops are vacant.  We did manage to find a glow in the dark mini golf store in the mall – probably the coolest mini golf that I’ve played.  Taylor scored on the 18th hole and won a free ice cream at Coldstone!  While winning an ice cream is great, I’ll be a nice guy and not point out I actually had the best score out of everyone.


We’ve also spent a bit of time on the beach in front of the condo.  It was not very crowded, but it was super windy.  The wind kept blowing our stuff all over the place – just about the time we were relaxed, a big gust would come up and blow something away, and we’d have to go chase it down.  The kids still managed to have fun playing in the sand and surf.


The pace of our vacation is going to pick up a little as we have booked some fun stuff for later in the week – zip lining, snorkeling, and a dinner cruise.  Things shouldn’t be too crazy since we are only doing one adventure on a given day.


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