Off to Maui!

We are off to Maui for the week of Thanksgiving.  Nothing like getting out of the cold and rain for a week! We started off our adventure at SeaTac Airport where they had some pretty cool murals painted on the windows outside our terminal.




As the kids get older, travel gets much easier.  Melissa and I watched “Cabin in the Woods” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” on my Kindle while Kim and Taylor watched kid movies on the iPad.  Outside of the movies, they entertained themselves with various electronic gadgets – just like they were sitting on their butts at home.

Once in Maui, we picked up the rental car and started off toward our condo.  The service on the plane was lacking, so we decided to stop at Cheeseburger in Paradise for a quick bite to eat along the way.  Since we are in Hawaii, I had to get myself a Mai Tai, which came delivered in a fine tiki glass.


As we were checking in at the hotel, Taylor kept blabbering about going to see the volcano.  We couldn’t figure out what she was talking about…until we arrived in our room.  Our view is a burned down building with a tower that looks a bit like a volcano (The picture is not so great – it was getting dark outside).


If you look out the other way, you can actually see the ocean.


I resumed battling with the iPad for composing blog entries.  My new camera (Sony NEX 6) has built in wifi, which you can use to transfer pictures to a computer, but apparently not an iPad.  I can use the iPad for a remote shutter release, and get any picture taken this way, but I can’t get the other pictures off of the camera.  The camera can upload pictures to facebook, so I found that I could upload the picture from the camera to a private folder in FB, and then download the photo on the iPad.  Of course I need to have a wifi hotspot to do it…I eventually gave up, and am using Melissa’s laptop to do this post.  I see a Surface Pro in my future…

As we all got ready for bed, we discovered that Taylor’s Kindle was missing.  After several trips back and forth to the car, and searching all of the luggage, we think it is still on the plane.  Fortunately she has a password set on the device, so we’ll contact the airline and see if they found it.

We don’t have any solid plans for adventures while we are here.  I’m sure we’ll get plenty of beach and pool time, but not sure what we are going to do beyond that.  I’m still recovering from a torn bicep, so that is going to limit me a bit.  The kids want to go zip lining and snorkeling, so we’ll probably try to get those in.

And of course, the weather for the next few days is cloudy and windy…at least we won’t be cold!



  1. Hi Scott. I also just got the NEX 6. I asked my husband to help me load pics wirelessly to my iPad also, but he couldn’t figure it out either! Such a bummer! And I also have a hard time with the WordPress App for the iPad … its’ really hard to make a post with pics with it! And forget using the web version with the wonky text editor! ick! You would think someone would work that out! Let us know if you have found any tips and tricks. …. I do love the camera btw! Mainly b/c the size is perfect.

    1. I’ve given up on the iPad for blogging…the best thing that I found was to compose the blog via email – it did an ok job with my tests (don’t think I ever actually posted a public entry that way) and most importantly it allows offline creation of the page (which is important to me because I’m often out of cell range). I’ll probably get a Surface Pro when they become available.

      I like the NEX 6 so far – I need to go out and take more pictures with it. I bought the 18-200 lens which makes it a bit bigger, but I don’t have to carry any others (and I’m used to hauling around Canon L glass which is huge).

      1. One other thing – I believe the Android version of the Sony app does allow you to copy pictures from the camera, so hopefully the iPad app will get an upgrade in the future.

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