The Rally in the Gorge–Day 4

Today was forecast to be a hot one, and the weatherman was right.  It was hot! hot! hot!  The scheduled ride today was a 116 mile dualsport ride out to Maryhill Loops Road, which we was open to ride for the event (the road is closed to the public).  This was to be followed by a long ride back to Stevenson.  This was going to make for a very long ride on a hot day.

However, when I logged into facebook this morning, I saw that my brother was going to the Washougal MX Track for an open track day.  Turns out this is only about a 1/2 hr ride from where we are camping.  So, we decided to head to the track and watch him do some laps.

So, we are cruising down the highway toward Washougal when my Dad gets on the headset and asks me to pull over when I get a chance because his foot peg feels funny.  I pull over and he pull up next to me and asks if I can see anything wrong.  Well, it turns out his foot peg fell off.  We decided to continue on to Washougal because Mark would have a full toolkit with him and we’d figure out something to fix it – there was enough of the bracket to rest his foot on for a short distance.


Well, getting to the track wasn’t straightforward.  Once we got into town, we found a POI in the GPS for the track.  Well the road it routed us down had a bridge out, so we had to loop around and take a different route.  Eventually we did make it. 

Just as we arrived Mark was heading out for a round on the track.  So we ran out and took a few pictures.  They came out pretty good for using a point and shoot…






We still needed to fix the missing foot peg on my Dad’s bike.  So, he stole one of the highway pegs and bolted it in place of his foot peg.  Well it doesn’t exactly fit, but does give him something to rest his foot on.  It does not seem good enough to stand on for extended periods of time, so we will be riding home on pavement only.

We said goodbye to Mark and Kim and made out way back to the fairgrounds.  The wind was nasty and blew us around quite a bit – glad there were no bridges today.  The makeshift foot peg seemed to hold up ok, so getting home shouldn’t be an issue.  Still not sure if we are going to be home tomorrow or Monday – we’ll see what time we get out of here tomorrow and how distracted we get on the way home!



  1. Pics turned out good! Want to get the full sized/quality from you. See how far the bike is leaning in that rutted corner? Textbook execution! 🙂

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