Day 17 and 18: Melbourne, here we come!

Day 17

Woke up after a night of thunderstorms. Right now the Outback is in a wet cycle and has been for the last two years, so everything is really green here (relative to how it normally looks). This is the wettest it has been in the last 100 years, although the locals think it is part of the natural cycle.

Packed for the next leg of our trip and had breakfast in our room. The hotel staff confirmed our flight and printed our boarding passes for us, so all we had to do was show up. They drove us to the airport where we boarded the plane for a quick hop to Alice Springs, and then on to Melbourne.

Once we arrived in Melbourne and pulled up to the gate, the gate was broken. We sat there for several minutes while they tried to fix it. Eventually they gave up – fortunately, the gate right next to us was open, so they moved the plane over so we could actually exit.

Jumped in a cab and made it to our hotel room. It is a small hotel, but nice. I will say that it has the worst view of all the hotels so far…



Day 18

It rained last night, and looked like we were going to get showers all day. We slept in and went downstairs for a quick breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I had awesome cinnamon and apple pancakes – clearly something I need to eat every day to keep myself fit and trim.

Since the forecast was for showers, we decided that we would go to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX. We put on our raincoats and walked the seven blocks. Of course, we didn’t get rained on, we were too well prepared. On the way there, we walked through the Carlton Gardens and saw a pretty cool fountain.

The Melbourne Museum was pretty cool. There was a semi-outdoor exhibit that displayed a bunch of the local plants and wildlife. There was another really cool exhibit on evolution – there were tons of interactive touch screen displays. In one room a bunch of modern animals were displayed, and there was a corresponding touch screen that you could use to get information on each of the animals.

We also went to the IMAX and watched a film on Antarctica – it was pretty interesting. I’ll need to go there some day on my quest to visit all of the continents (I only have South America and Antarctica left).

After the museum, we took the long way back to the hotel, looking for places to eat dinner. There are tons of little restaurants here, but nothing really caught our eye. So, we went back to the room and just ordered room service.



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