Day 14: Uluru

Today we moved on to Uluru. Uluru is the Aborigine name for Ayer’s Rock – it is a big rock out in the middle of the outback. We are staying at Longitude 131…this is the same place that Oprah stayed when she visited Australia.

We had a fairly early flight and arrived at Uluru at about 1p or so – the timezone change here was 1/2 hour earlier than Cairns, which is the first time I recall going to a 1/2 hr timezone. We were greeted at the airport, and given a short ride to the resort. On the way to the resort, the driver explained that Longitude is the exclusive resort here – only employees and guests are allowed on the grounds. There is no signage for the resort, and you have to take dirt fire roads to get there. Apparently most people in town don’t even know the exact location.

When we arrived at the resort, there was someone waiting at the door to check us in – which consisted of going to the lounge and having our itinerary for the next 3 days explained to us. We are going to be doing sunset and sunrise tours at the rocks, some hikes up close, some star gazing, and a trip to town. This is an all-inclusive resort, but everything is top-notch (think nicest restaurant you have been to)- I’ve been to a couple of all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, and there is no comparison. Once we were done with our check in, we had lunch and then went on to our room.

There are 15 “tents” at the resort, and each of them are named after an Outback explorer or pioneer. We are staying in the John Flynn tent – he was the “flying” doctor. He basically flew around the outback doing doctor (medical) kinds of things. Each of the tents has a view of Uluru.


We got to relax for a couple of hours in the afternoon – we spent it lounging around the room reading our books (and catching up on email). We then went to an overlook to watch sunset at Uluru. The interesting thing – you actually watched the rock, which was opposite the direction of the sunset. You could see the colors of the rock change as the sun set.


After we were done with the sunset, we returned to Longitude for dinner. It was a wonderful four course dinner with a different glass of wine with each course (which is why my typing and English is so poor tonight). We were supposed to go to a star talk tonight, but we decided to pass – we are pretty tired and the same talk will be offered on Sunday night. When we walked back to our tent, we definitely noticed a lot of stars!

Off to bed, we’ve got a 5:30a start tomorrow!





  1. WOW!..and the same word spelled backward.And that is only for non wino Scott drinking four glasses of wine. Will he get culture next? Quadruple WOW for the rest of the discription.

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