Day 8: The Blue Mountains

Well, I’m a little late getting this post done – yesterday was a long day, and I was too tired to type up my entry before heading off to bed.

We spent the day touring the Blue Mountains. There was a small outfit that the hotel recommended – we ended up in a small Mercedes van with a group of 12 people.

Our first stop on the tour was at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. This park was about 1/2 hr outside of town and had all kinds of different animals and birds. Of course they had some Koalas.

After hanging out with the Koalas, we moved on to another area where we could feed the kangaroos. In the kangaroo area, there were also emus walking around stealing the food – they were big and kinda nasty.

One of the interesting things that they had was an albino wallaby.

After the wildlife park, we drove for another 45 minutes or so and stopped at an orchard. They had the best apples! We bought a couple for a snack.


Then we moved on to one of the scenic overlooks that we stopped at.


The main destination was The Three Sisters. The Three Sisters are a famous rock formation in the mountains.

At The Three Sisters, there was a park that you could stop at and ride the steepest railroad in the world. We had front row seats! To make things even better – there were no seatbelts!

Once you got to the bottom of the train, you were in the rainforest. There was a boardwalk that took you around some relics from the coal mine that used to exist here. The majority of the walk was a bit strange – you could stop along the way and read the signs that talk about the natural beauty of the rainforest and how frail the environment is (hence the boardwalk that you couldn’t leave), or you could look at one of the 100 random man-made sculptures they placed out in the fragile rainforest…

We took a gondola back up from the forest floor.

The end of the tour was a drive through the Olympic Village at which point we got on a ferry back to Sydney Harbor (to avoid traffic). The ferry dropped us off at the Circular Quay, which is just a couple of blocks from our hotel.




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