Day 7: Exploring Sydney

Today we decided to explore the city.  We thought it would be cool to ride around on one of the double decker busses, so we bought a pass from  There were two different tours that the busses conducted – one around downtown Sydney, and another that went out to the Bondi beach area.  In the morning, we did the downtown loop.

One problem with riding the bus is that it is a bit hard to take pictures – the bus is moving, and you are stuck with the lighting/angle as you drive by the things you want to photograph.  I tried to do my best though.

This first picture is the bus coming to get us.

and the view from the top of the bus…

 We drove by some very cool buildings, like the Queen Victoria building

and this cathedral…they tour said that the builders left the spires unfinished to avoid paying taxes that only applied to finished buildings.  The tax no longer exists, so they finished them off.

We stopped at Darling Harbor for lunch…Had to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe – it is tradition!  After lunch, we walked around the mall and the waterfront for a bit. Then we jumped back on the bus and finished out the downtown route.

For the afternoon, we took the Bondi route.  While we were waiting for the Bondi bus, it began to rain, so we hid inside the bus while we did this tour.  It was still raining when we arrived at the beach, so we didn’t get out.  I did take a quick video though.

At the Bondi beach stop, the bus picked up a ton of people, and was absolutely packed. Apparently nobody else wanted to hang out at the beach in the rain.  All the extra people made it difficult to really see anything on the tour, which was a bit of a bummer.

After touring around all day, we were looking for places to eat as we walked back to the hotel room.  Most of the restaraunts had lines out the door.  Not being a stand in line person, we went back to the hotel and ate at the restaraunt in the lobby.  The food was good, but it was a bit expensive (everything here is a bit expensive).

Overall it was a fun day!  We are heading to the mountains tomorrow!


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