Day 6: So Much for No Checked Baggage

Today we moved on to Sydney.  Our flight left at 9a, so we were up bright and early at 5:30a.  Fortunately, the timezones are with us, and getting up that early wasn’t too bad.  We checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to the airport.  We were plenty early for our flight, and there was first class available, so we upgraded again.  When we attempted to go through security, they weighed our carry-on bags and said they were too heavy, and we needed to check them.  There is a 7kg limit, and Kim’s bag was around 12kg, mine was around 10kg.  First class didn’t even save us…So, back to the counter we went and checked our bags.  There was still plenty of time to hang out at the business class lounge before our flight left.

It turns out that checking our luggage was not that big of a deal – because the line through customs took forever.  By the time we got our passports stamped, all the checked baggage was already out in the carousel.  

Once we had our bags we bought a mobile phone!  It was $20 for the phone, and we bought a pre-paid SIM loaded w/$20.  Calls back to the states are $0.07/minute and cap out at $1.00.  We snagged a taxi and proceeded to our hotel.  The room is a bit small, but it is still nice.

After they brought our luggage up, we went down to a pub and grabbed some lunch and a beer.

Then it was off to the Circular Quay!  The nice thing about the hotel we are staying at – everything is within walking distance.  As we arrived at the waterfront, we immediately noticed the big cruise ship that was docked.

The cruise ship was pretty massive and was blocking the view of the opera house…we walked around a bit and still got some decent shots.  The harbor is super-busy and it was hard to get a picture of the opera house without a boat in it.

We also walked down (and under) the Sydney Harbor Bridge

one thing we are contemplating is climbing the bridge.  You could see the groups going up and down while we were walking around it.

Underneath the bridge is a little park where there used to be a bunch of cannons in the 1800s, they still had a few on display – If we decide to buy the island in Fiji, these would be perfect to defend it!

 We made our way back to our room and found a present!

They sent us a bottle of champagne for our anniversary.  We had mentioned it when we were checking in, but didn’t expect them to do anything!  

Now we need to figure out what to do tomorrow, and then it is off to bed! 


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