Day 4: Valentine’s Day Snorkel

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Of course, we got to celebrate it earlier than everyone else 🙂  Today we had an awesome boat/snorkel adventure.  We jumped on a shuttle about 9am this morning to hop on our day long cruise/snorkel trip that we booked yesterday.  Walking out to the dock, we were greeted by a sign that was a bit worrisome.


Not sure why they don’t want “caught” sharks on the dock, but the fact that they catch enough sharks to warrant a sign was making me a bit nervous as I’m about to go snorkel for a bit.  The boat ride was about an hour long to get out to the island that we were to stay at for the day.  Along the way, they pointed out the first village to us (which just looked like a bunch of white dots)

They also entertained us with songs


The island we ended up at was smaller than a football field, it was more like a patch of sand in the middle of the ocean.

There was a large shelter in the middle of the island where they cooked lunch.


Around the edges of the islands, there were little cabanas to get out of the sun.


Of course, we picked the best one, near the end of the island, away from the rest of the group (as far away as you can get on a little island).  The problem with our spot was that we would miss the calls to come over for the group events.  So, we were a little late to the snorkeling briefing…but I still got some pretty good video from the ContourGPS in the dive housing.


After snorkeling, we went back to our spot to relax for a bit, and of course we were late to lunch because we couldn’t here them call.


Once lunch was done, we went back to our spot again to lounge around in the sun.  After a couple of hours, we thought things were getting a bit too quiet.  Checked the beach just in time to see the last dinghy trip being loaded to return to the boat.  So, we grabbed our stuff as fast as we could and made it just in time.  Well, it turns out, they were leaving a couple on the island overnight on purpose…not sure how happy that couple would have been if there had been some extra people on the island…it was a small island after all. 

The boat ride back was a bit choppy, and we’d get some occasional spray on the upper deck.  It wasn’t too bad though – nothing worse than I’ve had my boat out in.

Back at the hotel, we went down to the fish-n-chips shack on the beach and ordered some prawns-n-chips and a beer


Once dinner was done, we were attacked by a bunch of frogs…

Tomorrow is our last full day in Fiji (for this leg of the trip).  We are probably going to jump on a bus and tour around a bit away from the beach.




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