Day 1 & 3, but not day 2

Day 1 was really a travel day, however thanks to the timezone differences, we had no day 2.  Well, that is not entirely true, we probably had a couple of hours of day 2 before we crossed the date line, but since I was sleeping, it doesn’t count.

Day 1

Well, the first thing to note, is that we successfully packed three weeks of clothes (and other important items) into just our carry on bags.  While a bit of a challenge packing-wise, it should be very helpful given the number of flights we have on this trip.

We hired a town car to take us to and from the airport – seemed like a good idea, although the car we got had a bit of a “smoke” scent to it.  To top it off, we almost crashed on the way to the airport – although it wasn’t our driver’s fault – it was the idiot lady who wasn’t watching where she was going.

The flight from Seattle to LA was pretty uneventful.  Once we got to LA, we found that even though Alaska checked us in all the way through to Fiji, we had to check in again at the international terminal at LAX.  Fortunately, we were flying business class and could avoid the massive lines at the counter.  It also allowed us to hang out in the lounge, where Kim could have a mini-beer.

The plane from LAX to Fiji was a 747 – Kim had never flown on one before.  Business class was in the nose of the plane, and we were in the 2nd row.  This was kinda cool because the curvature of the plane gave us a bit of a forward view out the window, but it was a bit of a bummer because the entire flight was in the dark.

Day 3

We landed in Fiji at 5:15 local time.  Our lack of checked baggage paid off immediately as we were the first people to the taxis.  We grabbed the first one and began our adventure.  It was still dark for our ride to the hotel – which was a good thing because they drive on the left side of the road here.  And by the left side of the road, I mean down the middle.  The normal lanes remind me a bit of my WABDR adventure ride – the cars drive down the middle or they’d be replacing their suspensions frequently.  When another car was encountered, then you’d move over to the left side of the road to pass.  According to our driver, the roads were worse than normal due to some recent flooding.

We finally arrived at the hotel and checked in, except, the room wasn’t ready yet, and since it is still 6am, housekeeping wasn’t working yet.  So, we strolled around the complex for a bit and then grabbed some breakfast at the buffet place (which was ok).  The weather was mostly cloudy, and there was a pretty massive downpour while we ate…not a real promising start.  The rain did stop after a bit and we made our way back to the lobby and hung out for a bit before our room was ready.

Even though we both slept ok on the plane, we crashed for a bit before venturing out to the pool.  Since we are both adults (Kim might argue a bit on this one), we hit the adult pool.  Spent most of the afternoon hanging out  by the pool, jumping in the water when we got too hot, and waiting for the staff to bring us drinks (which they only did once, which was probably a good thing).

After the pool, it was back to the room for a shower, then a sunset walk and some dinner.

Dinner was at the buffet place again, only this time they had Brazilian BBQ to go along with the buffet.  While we were eating dinner, some of the local Fijians put on a little show for the crowd – I didn’t get any good pictures of this, but here are the bad ones:

One final note – the program I’m using for blogging is pretty cool, except for one thing.  There is a menu along the right hand side of the screen – it will only let you access it if you have access to the internet.  Which makes sense for everything that is there, since they are all internet related EXCEPT the insert picture choice. So, I am writing this in my room w/o any pictures, and when I go to the lobby to upload, I’ll have to put them in after the fact.  Hopefully it works out ok! I figured out why – the app uploads the pictures to WordPress before you can insert them in a post (still kinda lame).



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